16-BIT Dolls

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16-BIT Dolls are created by Alex - GamerGirlLexi.


  • Ellaria - released in April, 2015

Ellaria was 1/3 sized head produced by Dollshe Craft in Oriental skin resin, and was suggested to fit on 50-60cm bodies. Only 10 of these heads were produced. They were sold blank. Each head had a unique number inside the head and came with a handmade COA.


  • Head circumference: 7 1/4" / 18.5cm
  • Neck circumference: 8.5cm at widest point
  • Eye size: 10mm


While GamerGirlLexi suggested bodies between 50-60cm, OceanMoon 50cm body has a pretty good resin match and is pretty good proportions for this head.


  • Etsy (Not found as of 8/6/17)

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