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Elva is a female 1/4 sculpt from 5StarDoll.

Skin Types

Note, 5StarDoll uses French/Environmental resin, which has a transparent, natural, and glowing property, but may also yellow faster.

  • White
  • Normal
  • Tan
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Gray


Head Size: Elva, along with many 5StarDoll dolls, wear mostly 6-7 wigs. 7-8 wigs can be worn with a thick head cap.
Eye Size: Anything from 12mm to 16mm can be worn, 12mm may have tiny gaps, while 16 can also be too big.


Type B Body Height(without head) : 39cm
Height(with head): 45cm
Circumference of Neck : 6.5cm
Circumference of Chest : 18.5cm
Circumference of Waist : 13.5cm
Circumference of Hip : 19cm
Width of Shoulders : 8cm
Length of Leg : 22cm
Length of Arm: 12cm
Length of Back: 9.5cm
Circumference of upper leg : 11cm
Foot length : 5.5cm
Eye width: 16mm


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