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Den of Angels (DoA) is the largest English-speaking forum in the world for Asian ball-jointed dolls. DoA started in May 2002 as a Yahoo!Group, but outgrew that format and moved to a PHP-based internet forum in 2004.

Major Sections

DoA is organized into eight major sections.

Using DoA
This section houses threads that are about the forum itself: rules, announcements, and tutorials for using the forum's features.
This section is for connecting to the community through organizing meet-ups, posting links out, planning new dolls, and waiting together for the arrival and new dolls.
News & Reviews
This section is for threads related to company news and events, reviews and questions about buying and shipping.
This section includes the ABJD wiki, photo reference forum and BJD database.
This section is the most active area of the forum and holds all of the discussion-based threads. It is divided into several smaller subforums to focus on specific doll sizes and sculpts as well as different styles of discussion.
The workshops focus on the customization and hands-on artistic aspects of the doll hobby.
This is one of the largest sections on the forum and holds all image-based threads, from playing imaged-based games to members sharing their own dolls to requesting specific shots of other owners' dolls.
The marketplace is the main second-hand market for BJDs for English-speaking collectors. (It is for individual sales, not company or dealer sales.)


As of April 11, 2013, DoA has 38,975 registered users, 8,188 of whom are considered "active." There are 337,003 threads comprised of 6,278,009 posts.

On average, DoA receives an average of approximately 330,000 pageviews per day over around 200,000 visits; 78.36% of visitors log in multiple times daily. Visitors access DoA from 148 countries with the highest concentrations in the United States, Australia, France and Canada. On average, there are 400-600 users online at any given time with a low of around 200 during off-hours.

According to Alexa webranking, Den of Angels is ranked 164,495 in traffic with higher rankings in specific countries. Also by Alexa data, most browsers are between 18-24 years old, female and have some college education.

When registration is open, DoA adds between 30 and 70 new members daily.

DoA has 13 Seraphim and Cherubim who administrate the full forum; they are referred to generically as "mods" can be identified by their green username and "Moderator" title graphic. The moderator types are named after the biblical choirs of angels.