Acrylic Eyes

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Acrylic eyes are made from resin of any group of related plastic substances derived from acrylic acid or a related compound. Most acrylic eyes consist of an opaque white sclera, then a printed decal of the iris and pupil that is capped off with a clear plastic lens. The clear plastic portion may or may not also encase the white.

These are the most economically priced eyes on the market, they are more readily available and come in many varieties of styles. There are even "DIY" kits for making your own custom acrylic eyes, allowing owners to create character-specific eyes very economically. Acrylic eyes vary widely in quality; finer acrylic eyes have better printing and use finer, clearer plastic for the lens. Lower quality eyes may be poorly printed or have slightly cloudy or filmy lenses. The main disadvantage of these eyes are that they have the highest chance of breaking/cracking, being scratched and, in some cases, becoming discolored. They also frequently lack the depth and clarity found in glass or urethane eyes.