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Amber - Pure Spirit is the twelth of the Soom Monthly Dolls Zodiac Dolls. She represents Capricorn, the twelth sign in the Zodiac. She is a Soom Super Gem female doll.


Head design was by Jung Hye Eun with outfit design by Lee Hye Young.

Order Period

Original order period was Feb.3rd. to Feb.16th 2008. She was later rereleased in

  • January 2011, as Amber - Daughter of Caliph in a limited quantity of 50 dolls in normal resin with human ears

Included and optional parts

Her fantasy version Amber - Pure Spirit was released in Cream White and was inspired by fauns.


  • head with long ears instead of a human head
  • fauna horns (in translucent pearl resin)
  • fauna forearms and hands
  • specially designed fauna waist
  • magnetic tail
  • fauna legs (thighs, shins etc) and translucent pearl resin hooves


  • limited blushing
  • limited faceup
  • imited Pure Spirit eyes
  • limited blonde wig
  • limited outfit
    • dress and necklace

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