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Amber Academy was a Chinese doll company launched in 2011. The brand is no longer listed on dealer sites and the main Amber Academy website is no longer available.

Doll lines

The Adult (62~70cm)

The Middle School (55~58cm)

The Primary School (40~46cm)

The Kindergarten (23~26cm)

  • Cara
  • Sontag
  • Odell (Ballet Trainee Edition)
  • Odell (Ballet Princess Edition)
  • Odette (Ballet Princess Edition)
  • Odette (Ballet Trainee Edition)


The Kindergarten

  • Height: 25cm
  • Head circumference: 18cm
  • Neck circumference: 6cm
  • Shoulder width: 7cm
  • Chest circumference: 13.2cm
  • Waistline: 12.4cm
  • Hipline: 14.5cm
  • Foot length: 3.3cm


Amber Academy