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Angel of Dream (or AOD) is a company based in Dalian, Liaoning, China, that first appeared in 2007 with their large (58-62cm) and mini (46cm) lines. Today they sell a wide size range of dolls from 'Basic Tiny' (27cm), 'Basic Mini' (44-46cm), 'Basic Super' (58-62cm), and their own size of '1/2 Doll' (90cm). They also sell optional parts, eyes and shoes.

Other than selling dolls directly from their website they work with several dealers both on eBay and on their own websites. There have been quite a few unauthorized dealers selling their dolls or parts on eBay and some recast companies also used their bodies. Before ordering from a dealer, it's highly encouraged to research if the seller is authorized by Angel of Dream.

Doll lines

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