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(August 2019)
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==August 2019==
==August 2019==
*3 ''"aireoko''' Mulan fullset, milk, Clover-singing PIF
*3 '''aireoko''' Mulan fullset, milk, Clover-singing PIF

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Entries must include at least one doll/head/body/part from Angell-Studio (AS) or licensed dealer. Only AS items may be listed.
Keep entries short & remember to add shipped date and/or arrival date when applicable.

Entry format:

  • Order date Username - size sculpt, resin, faceup, extras, +gift - company LA/PO (if applicable) SHIPPED ARRIVED

  • Order date: Day you placed order with AS or dealer (even if they submitted order to AS at later date)
  • Size: Charm, Youth, Kid, Baby, Pet
  • Resin color abbr.:

- SW, SP, SB, SST / TW, TP, TB, TST = solid (S) or transparent (T) milk/white (W), pink (P), butter (B), or sun-tanned (ST) - NP = normal pink, G = grey

  • Faceup: f/default, f/anime, f/custom, f/blank
  • Company: AS = Angell-Studio, MOC = Mint on Card, FFD = Friends Fabric & Dolls, ThP = Think Pink
  • LA: Layaway (if applicable)
  • PO: date layaway paid off
  • Bold red: date doll shipped to you, not to dealer (NSN = no shipping notice)
  • Bold green: date doll arrived at your house
  • ✴ = Issue to be resolved

All orders are assumed to be paid in full unless marked "LA" for layaway.

Color Codes:  
'''Jan 30''' (for bold)
<font color="FF0000">'''Jan 30'''</font> (for bold red)
<font color="00AA00">'''Jan 30'''</font> (for bold green) 

You may remove: Arrival dates older than 1 YEAR; shipping dates that haven't updated as received in over 1 YEAR.

July 2018

  • 12 Ruyilala Glorious Life King Lan Ling, SP, fullset, f/default, AS

August 2018

  • 13 Suindo 1/3 Bing Yu Head, tan, f/default, AS NSN Oct 27
  • 29 AquaValkyrie 1/3 Lesser Snow Mermaid, TS, f/default, AS

March 2019

  • 8 riviere1210 Grain Rain, butter, f/blank, AS June 23

July 2019

  • 1 bickazer HongLee, solid butter, blank, Clover-singing, LA/Sep 1 Jan 3 2020

August 2019

  • 3 aireoko Mulan fullset, milk, Clover-singing PIF