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Angelsdoll is a Korean doll company that first began selling mid-priced dolls to the West in 2009. Originally launching with a single 60cm girl doll, they have added new sculpts, cat avatar heads, tinies and 70cm boy dolls to their line. They have also redesigned their female 60cm body several times.

Currently, they offer both "massive" and "slim" versions of male and female dolls.

Their human sculpts feature a high degree of realism, with comparatively small eyes for dolls of their size. Heads (but not bodies) are available separately for the larger dolls and are offered in a wide variety of natural resin colours, as well as grey.

Doll lines


  • Faceup (additional cost)
  • Resin colors: Angellsdoll Normal (pink normal), Volks-compatible Normal (yellow normal), Angelsdoll White (rose-white), Volks-compatible White (cream white), Tan (dark tan) (additional cost), Vivid (light olive tan) (additional cost) and Grey (additional cost). The current tan is slightly paler and considerably more warm-hued than the original cool milk chocolate dark tan offered by this company.