Arachne Fullset, LE60

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Skin tone – Normal, Normal Pink, White, Tanned ($80), Grey ($80)

Eye size – 10mm

43cm, 60 sets worldwide

The Price Includes:

-Basic Doll 
-Eyes (random colour) 
-Face up 
-Body blush 
-Spider underwear (with makeup, Resin material) 
-Bone bra (with makeup, Resin material) 
-Helmet (with makeup, Resin material) 
-Birth Card 


Height: 43cm (without Helmet)

Head Circumference: 14cm 
Neck Circumference: 7cm 
Shoulder Width: 9cm 
Chest: 17cm 
Waist: 12cm 
Hips: 20cm 
Arm Length: 14cm 
Thigh Circumference: 10cm 
Calf Circumference: 7cm 
back Length (from shouder to waist): 9cm 
Waist to foot: 31cm 
Leg Length: 23cm 
Foot length: 6cm