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Astral in Rainbow (A.I.R.) is a Korean doll maker Siwoo. First heads, Say and Say Dreaming, were introduced in June, 2009. [1] Prior to Say and Say Dreaming, Siwoo also released the Choya head, but this was before the current brand of Astral In Rainbow. [2]
SD-size heads and tiny dolls are available in normal (similar to 'Volks UV Pureskin Normal') and white (similar to 'Volks UV Pureskin White') colors. Darjeeling (49cm doll) was available in white, ivory white, normal or peach normal resin colors.
Siwoo also co-operates with Salon de Coco; their two tiny dolls, Clara and Mierty, and Elber, an SD sized head, were designed by Siwoo. [3]


1/3 (SD size) heads

  • Daybreak – released in May, 2011 [4]
  • Ruy – released in July, 2010
  • Say Dreaming – released in June, 2009
  • Say Openeyes – released in June, 2009
  • Say Vampire (LE10) – released in October, 2009
  • Choya – released in November, 2007

Small SD size dolls

  • Darjeeling – released in November, 2011

Tiny dolls

  • Cinnamon – released in January, 2011
  • Shou – released in February, 2010
  • Shui – released in November, 2009


(These dolls were not for sale)

  • Leehwi
  • Saenan

Measurements & body compatibility

1/3 (SD size) heads

SD size heads are compatible with Volks SD boy, Volks SD/SD13 girl, Luts Delf boy, Ariadoll 14 Elegance girl/Sweet Boy, Serendipity 14 boy, Dollkot boy, Hypermaniac 14body.

  • Head size: about 8.7~9 inch
  • Eye size: 16~18mm / Say openeye: 18~20mm

Darjeeling / Small SD size doll

  • Head size: about 8.8 inch
  • Eye size: 18~20mm
  • Height: 49cm
  • Neck circumference: 9cm
  • Shoulder width: 9cm
  • Chest circumference: 20.5cm
  • Waist circumference: 19.5cm
  • Hips circumference: 26cm
  • Arm length (to wrist): 14.5cm
  • Hand length: 5cm
  • Thigh length: 11.5cm
  • Thigh circumference: 14.5cm
  • Calf length: 12.5cm
  • Calf circumference: 11/5cm
  • Ankle circumference: 8.5

Tiny dolls

Tiny dolls: 26.7cm tall / YoSD size, but a bit slimmer: A.I.R. ver.2 body photos

  • Head size: about 6.7~6.9 inch
  • Eye size: 14~16mm