Ausley Love

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Ausley Love was first offered with the following options:

  • Price: $700 US
  • Skin tone: Pale, Fresh, Oriental, Pale Tan, Tan, Ebony
  • Head: OE or SA
  • Eyes: 14mm
  • Bust size: Petite Bust, Full Bust, Glamour Bust
  • Feet: Flat, High Heel
  • Make up: $60 US per head
  • Original Model Restoration (Seam removal; body finishing): $220 US

Extra Options:

  • Hands (addition pair): $35 US
  • Feet (addition pair): $35 US
  • Blushing of Hands or feet (additional pair): $40 US

Later, an option was added for a choice between sculpted lip wrinkles or no lip wrinkles.