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BC Marchen is a line of dolls produced by Bambicrony, which feature elf ears and magnetic wings (marchen is the German word for fairy tales). It is more a thematic line than a size-based line, as most of the dolls are elf versions of existing Ciao Bella dolls and a Bella Bambi elf was also sold as part of the BC Marchen line. One of the most popular features of the line is the variety of skin colors available for some releases, which has become popular with some other companies that offer fantasy-themed dolls. Although originally all BC Marchen dolls were limited editions (generally with fullset versions sold as Quantity-Based Limiteds while basic versions of the same sculpts were sold as Time-Based Limiteds), in 2008 they began to sell selected Ciao Bella elves as standard editions. These are currently not available for sale though Bambicrony has said they will return in 2010 with a "new look".


As most BC Marchen dolls are variations on the standard Ciao Bella sculpts, or were added to the Ciao Bella line as standards, only new sculpts exclusive to the BC Marchen line are listed below.

Ciao Bella

Bella Bambi

Skin Colors

In addition to the peach puff and floral white skin colors, limited editions of some BC Marchen dolls have been available in a variety of colours. Tan versions have been sold on various occasions. In 2007 dolls in misty blue, misty rose, and light slate gray were released. In 2008 and 2009 dolls in light pink, light cyan, sky blue, and light purple were released.

Optional Parts

All BC Marchen dolls have back magnets which allow them to wear resin wings. Currently there are 8 varieties of wings, some limited and some standard. Three varieties are only made in opaque white resin and the others are available in translucent resin in various colors. The bumblebee elves released in late 2009 also had head magnets to wear antennae, and a set of antlers was released as an optional part at the same time.