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BNBdoll is a Korean company, English website was introduced in February, 2013. [1]. BNB stands for Brand New Breeze.
There are 4 SD size heads available in normal skin color.


  • 백로 (BackRo)
  • 대한 (DaeHan)
  • 동지 (Dong Ji)
  • 입춘 (IpChun) (LE) – released in March, 2013
  • 진 (Jin)
  • 윤 (Yun)
  • 소만 (Soman)

  • White Tiger ~ 2014 KBJD Show Closing dinner event doll
Human version and White Tiger version


  • Head size (circumference): about 9 inch
  • Eye size: 16~18mm
  • Wig size: 8~9 inch
  • Skin type: normal skin
  • Compatible body type: 60cm scale BJD boy body (In the company website, Volks SD17 is used to present the heads.)

Youth16 body

  • Height (head included): 65cm
  • Neck girth: 12.3cm
  • Shoulder width: 14.5cm
  • Chest size: 27cm
  • Arm lengths (shoulder~wrist) :19cm
  • Waist girth: 21.5cm
  • Hip girth: 26.5cm
  • Leg lengths (hip~ankle): 37cm
  • Sitting height: 33cm
  • Foot length: 8.2cm
  • Foot width: 3cm
  • Top of the foot's height: 2.8cm
  • Skin type: normal skin

Body photos