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Inspired by Pipos' office cat, sculptor Kwak Jong Chul spent three years developing Baha which debuted in early 2007. Baha is Pipos' most recognizable anthro and seems to be the most popular considering that this cat has been sculpted in more versions than any other anthro Pipos has created.

The first Baha was released in White skin with a single part torso and no cat tail. Since then, Baha has evolved to include optional tails and a double jointed torso. Moreover, Baha has been released in a varity of colors including: Pink, Grey, Beige, Mint and more.

Since the first release, Baha has been regularly sold in both limited and standard editions. Baha is its own unique sculpt within the Pipos' feline family, but there have been two modified versions of this sculpt which were released as limited editions. They are: "Dreaming Baha" whose eyes are completely closed and "Vanilla" (2011) whose eyes are half open.


In perspective, the Baha is shorter than the average 25cm/Yo-SD sized bjd. Most of the Baha's height comes from it's large head. Though their heads are large, the Baha have great center of balance and can pose very well.

The Baha measurements have varied a bit over time since obvious changes were made from the original body sculpt. Measurements for each specific Baha can be found on their item sale page on the Pipos website, so it is best to check there first if you can. Below are some key measurements.

An additional measurement to note is eye size. Baha can typically wear 16-18mm eyes.

Official measurements for most recent Baha released in 2010-jointed torso

  • Height: 21cm (include ear length)
  • Weight: 200g
  • Girth of head: 17.5cm
  • Width of shoulers: 4.5cm
  • Length of arm: 8cm
  • Length of shoulder to wist: 5.8cm
  • Girth of neck: 5.2cm
  • Girth of chest: 10cm
  • Girth of waist: 10.8cm
  • Length of back: 4.8cm
  • Girth of hip: 12.8cm
  • Length of leg: 8cm
  • Length of waist to ankle: 8.2cm
  • Foot size: 3cm
  • Length of the tail: 7.4cm
  • Girth of the tail: 3.3cm

DOA measurements for first Baha released in 2007-single torso

  • Height: 21cm (including ears)
  • Weight: 185g
  • Width of shoulders: 4.5cm
  • Length of arm: 8cm
  • From shoulder until wrist: 5.8cm
  • Length of back: 5cm
  • Circumference of neck: 6cm
  • Circumference of chest: 10.5cm
  • Circumference of waist: 10cm
  • Circumference of hips: 15cm
  • Length of leg: 8cm
  • From waist until ankle: 8.4cm
  • Foot size: 3cm

Clothing & Shoes

Clothing for Baha can be a bit hard to find because of their unique proportions. The Baha body has wider hips and shorter arms and legs in comparison to similar sized bjds. Another consideration is their tail. If your Baha has no tail or a magnetic one, then there will be no additional barriers. But if your Baha has an attached tail, then you will need to find clothing that can accomodate. In some cases, you may need to modify the outfit or dissasemble the tail.

Pipos does sell clothing separately for them, but not often and when they do, it generally sells out quickly. If you choose to make your Baha a girl, then dresses will most likely be the best fitting clothing for them and the easiest to find. For boys, it is harder to find clothing, specifically pants. Moreover, buying clothes can be a hit or miss sometimes, but owners have found luck with some Riley Kish, Ken doll, Blythe, Volks Who's That Girl, and Lati Yellow clothing.

As for shoes, these may be even harder to find than clothing. The Baha foot is short yet very wide at the toe, so it is important to pay close attention to the shoe measurement which you are buying.