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Banji is a 14.5 cm (5.7” tall) tiny doll line by sculptor Gu Mi Jung (same sculptor as Narsha) available from Dollmore. One can see a strong resemblance to the Narsha sculpt. Banji was originally released in 2005 As a basic boy and girl. Banji’s are available in Normal “cream” Skin, but have been released as special editions in white as well as tan.


• Basic Banji

• Kiwi

• EomJi

• Dio

• Peach

• Cara (closed eyes)

• Lime

• Cara

Unsure if the Special Editions are unique sculpts, but they are named:

• Sweet Rose

• Empty

• Tragic

• Gall Dew

• Sweet Dew


Height: 14.5cm ( 5.7 inches)

Circumference of Head: 7.6cm (3 inches)

Circumference of bust: 6.1cm (2.4 inches)

Circumference of waist: 6.1cm (2.4 inches)

Circumference of hips: 7.6cm (3 inches)

Foot length: 2 cm

Wig size: 3 is best 3-4 can work