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(Banned doll companies)
(Banned doll companies)
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==Banned doll companies==
==Banned doll companies==
* [[Angel Lane]] (Taobao seller)
* [[Angel Lane]] (Taobao seller)
* AT Doll (also known as LDDoll, Lovely Doll, lemondalian) - silicone recasts
* [[BJD-Shop/BJD Shop]] (company seller)
* [[BJD-Shop/BJD Shop]] (company seller)
* [[Babydoll]] (company)
* [[Babydoll]] (company)

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Banned doll companies

Specific banned dolls

  • Angell Studio 2015 version Princess Cinderella/Cendrillon dolls (accused of being a copy of another company's sculpt); the previous 2008-onward Cinderella sculpt is allowed.
  • Blessed BJD Painted Ladies Arctica, Thais, Euclidia, Emmelia, Melitea (dolls)
  • Charles Creature Cabinet Belle Odoroki (pig doll) and Bulah Yindee (elephant doll)
  • Dollzone Lynn (1/4 doll originally released around 2005)
  • Ken no Kokoro (doll heads) Rosita, Miguelito, Patatita, and any other doll heads or complete dolls produced after May 2012. Amparita02 heads produced prior to that date are allowed, but editions of Amparita02 produced after May 2012 are also banned.
  • Mirodoll 70cm Girl Body, 70cm Girl Body With Big Chest, New 43cm girl body; 28cm girl Candy/Polly; Jared and Flora heads; any other heads or bodies released after May 2018
  • PhantomDoll 60cm Korat and Siamese (dolls)
  • SignDolls Delta "The Bard" (doll head) Modified recast of Soom Chalco

Banned dolls from unauthorized distributors

  • bettytantai (ebay seller). Selling recast dolls from many different companies (including Luts) in a kind of resin that those companies do not use.
  • Dolls.moe (company site, European convention dealer, confirmed as selling clearly identified Fairyland recasts on eBay)
  • sadie88 (ebay seller)
  • wa20091122 (ebay seller). States they are a distributor for AOD, Island Doll, Only Doll and Doll Love. But have also been noticed selling pre-orders for a Fairyland-designed MNF body, calling it an "Angel of Heaven" doll, offering it in colors FL does not.

Recast dolls

All recast dolls are banned from Den of Angels. For more information, please refer to the recast policy listed in our rules.

There are a number of recast sellers on eBay, most usually but not always, located in China. Please research before you make a purchase. If they use the company name, check the company site for pricing. Many of these sellers use official company photos, sometimes with the legit name watermark, sometimes edited. If the price seems low, if the doll is being sold as a generic unbranded doll, you are looking at recasts. Please ask questions of the staff on DOA, or of other bjd owners before purchasing!