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Be With You (also known as Dollsbe) is a Korean dollmaker, introduced in August 2013. [1]

Company statement: At “Be With You…” we only orientate high quality original Ball Jointed Doll brand. funding ...” Sculptor YG has been working on numerous doll sculpt for many BJD companies and we have developed unique joint for “Be with You…” implementing a smooth and stable movement on our dolls. These unique features include moving an eye without removing a head cap and under the copyright. We will open up a new arena in BJD market with high quality sculpts, fresh and casual concept. “Be with you…” is coming to you!

Doll lines

Dolls are available in normal resin color. Dolls have eye control system to move eyes without opening the head.

Original size / Age27 man

  • Wood - released September 9, 2013
    • Joseon Dynasty Scholar (LE1) ~ 2014 KBJD Show Closing dinner event doll [2]
  • Star - released September 9, 2014

Compatible size / 28cm Baby Doll

  • Carrot - released in February, 2014
  • Grape - released in February, 2014
  • Paprika - released in February, 2014
  • Strawberry - released in February, 2014
  • Garlic - released in October, 2014
  • Mango - released in October, 2014
  • Pomegranate - released in October, 2014
  • Raspberry - released in October, 2014


Original size

Age27 male body
Height 76cm
Head / Wig 23cm / 9-10”
Eyes 14mm
Circumference of neck 11.5cm
Width of shoulders 17cm
Circumference of chest 34cm
Arm length 31cm
Arm circumference 11cm
Wrist circumference 7.5cm
Circumference of waist 27.5cm
Circumference of pelvis 33cm
Waist height 46.5cm
Leg length 39cm
Thigh circumference 19cm
Ankle circumference 10cm
Foot length 10cm
Foot width

Full body photo

Compatible Size

Height 26.5cm
Head / Wig 6-7”
Eyes 14mm
Circumference of neck 6cm
Length of shoulders 7cm
Circumference of chest
Arm length 7.5
Arm circumference 5cm
Wrist circumference 4cm
Circumference of waist 12cm
Circumference of pelvis
Waist height
Leg length 10.5
Thigh circumference
Ankle circumference
Foot length 4cm
Foot width

Body photos