Be With You Wait List

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Be With You Wait List

Entries must include at least one doll/head bought directly from the company.
Keep entries short & remember to add Order/PIF date , shipped date, arrival date and/or Unknown arrival date when applicable.

Color Codes:  
'''Jan 30''' (for bold)
<font color="0000FF">Jan 30</font> (for blue) 
<font color="FF0000">Jan 30</font> (for red)
<font color="AA00AA">Jan 30</font> (for purple)

You may remove: Arrival dates older than 1 YEAR; shipping dates that haven't updated as received in over 1 YEAR.

MAY 2016

  • 18 strm Potato, NS, event(group order) PIF 16 Aug 18 Aug
  • 19 Supernova Garlic NS, Potato NS, + event: Paprika NS PIF
  • 20 Xanadu Dolls Paprika, NS, FU + wig PIF 27 July 1 Aug
  • 27 clochette Mango NS, fu, Pineapple NS, fu, Raspberry NS, fu + event: Garlic NS, fu, 12 Sept Milk Tea NS, fu 26 Sept PIF

JUNE 2016

  • 13 eternal Pineapple NS, Strawberry NS + event : Grape NS PIF

MAY 2017

  • 6 strm Lemon, NS PIF

JAN 2020

  • 4 mikeg Wheat Tan PIF 14 April 30 April (pandemic slowed shipping)