BlueFairy TF Jerome as Ed Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

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Little is known about the release of BlueFairy's Tiny Fairy (TF) Jerome as Ed Elric from the popular Manga/Anime, Fullmetal Alchemist. It is believed that he was released sometime between 2003 - 2004 by a distributor or artist other than BlueFairy. Who that distributor or artist is, is unknown. In fact, most information surrounding this doll is either unknown or unconfirmed. When BlueFairy was contacted about this release of Jerome, they confirmed that they did not handle the sale of this doll but it was in fact another company. BlueFairy could not recall the name of this company or artist and has no information on the doll.


It is also believed that the BlueFairy TF Jerome as Ed Elric, was not an officially licensed doll. From information gathered, there was approximately 35 to 68 dolls made and released in South Korea. The few hobbyists that aquired this doll did so either through YahooJapan (Y!J) or another secondary market like Den of Angels.

The big difference between a regular BlueFairy TF Jerome and the Ed Elric version, is a re-sculpted right shoulder, arm and hand as well as left knee, lower leg and foot, that has been made by an unknown artist and cast in grey resin, to mimic that of Ed Elric. It should be noted that these re-sculpted limbs are slight shorter than the BlueFairy ones which can be a slight annoyance when trying to stand the doll. In addition, the left foot (automail one) is slightly larger than the right, and it's important to note that not all MSD or 43cm sized shoes will fit due to the increase in size.

Here is a list of still unconfirmed facts surrounding the release:

  • Company: BlueFairy
  • Artist of the Automail Arm/Leg: ?
  • Distributor: ?
  • Year: 2003 - 2004?
  • Released: S. Korea only
  • Number of dolls release: 35 or 68?
  • Height: 43 cm
  • Faceup: Basic Jerome
  • Original Price: $400 - 500 US?
  • Came with: Black box and pillow, yellow glass eyes, wig, pleather shorts, a pattern for Ed's coat or Ed's signature red coat, possibly a magazine?
  • Features:
    • Old style of jointing
    • Grey resin re-sculpted right shoulder, arm, hand and left knee, leg and foot to mimic the character, Ed Elric
    • Re-sculpted limbs are shorter that original BlueFairy ones
    • Left foot is larger than the right