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Bobobie Pixie is a doll intended to be the elf-eared "twin" of Tiah; however the sculpts, while similar, are not identical. The doll's sculpt is somewhat exaggerated and stylised with large eyes and small nose and small, smiling mouth. The Pixie wears 16-18mm eyes. The ears are pointed and swept back.

By default, Pixie has the "mature" Bobobie female 43cm body. The body is strung without hooks in the hands or feet, but hooks can be added by the owner. However, on request to Bobobie, Pixie can be swapped out to the "immature" body, a boy or to a ResinSoul body, although the head may be proportionately too large on the smaller singlejointed ResinSoul bodies.

The head is also available separately.

Bobobie's biography text reads: Pixie and Tiah are twins. They are both sweet and friendly. Tiah is often quiet. While Pixie is more active, sometimes a little naughty.