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Brownie is MuDoll's line of 11.4 cm tiny bjds. These molds were originally produced by FelixDoll starting in 2007l; however, after Felixdoll's 2010 bankruptcy, production was taken over by MuDoll. Brownies are unique in having a magnetic mechanism that holds its eyes in place instead of putty. Additionally Brownie heads contain a magnet that holds their wigs in place as each wig has a small metal plate at its crown. Brownie heads are easily removable, as they have a magnetic connection to the body. Hands are easily replaceable as well: different versions of "utility" and "style" hands have been produced in the past. Brownies are known for their extreme poseability, possessing more joints than other tiny BJDs of similar size.


  • Bebe (discontinued?)
  • Gogo
  • Haha
  • Momo
  • Nene
  • Pepe
  • Ruru
  • Yoyo
  • Yuyu
  • Human
  • Fairy

Basic and full packages

Brownies sold by MuDoll come as fullsets, with different themed clothing. Fullsets have included

  • Milk brownies
  • Marine brownies
  • Picnic brownies
  • Greenberry brownies
  • Raspberry brownies
  • Special brownies
  • Sugar brownies

Each fullset contains a doll with faceup, 8mm Glib acrylic eyes, wig, shoes and clothing,and certification card in a pleather carrying case.

Event heads

From Felixdoll:

  • sleeping fairy
  • sleeping human

Event fullsets

Felixdoll offered a huge variety of fullsets through an ongoing event. The standard molds were renamed based on clothing and faceup included in the fullset. Fullsets containing Momo--elf ear, closed mouth:

  • Andrea (Momo version)
  • Kate (Momo version)
  • Strawberry (Momo version)
  • Sandy (Momo version)
  • Adela *sleeping fairy head*
  • Asha
  • Duke
  • Frances
  • Punk Lady *sleeping fairy head*
  • Mia
  • Momo *Nene head*
  • Purple *sleeping fairy head*
  • Shally

Fullsets containing 'Sleeping Momo - elf ears, closed eyes

  • Sara (sleeping version)

Fullsets containing Gogo - elf ears, open mouth, slightly narrower eyes

  • Jasmin (Gogo version)
  • Angel *full hand set*
  • Ava
  • Sandy (original version)
  • Sharon (original version)
  • Zeppelin

Fullsets containing Nene - human ears, mouth like Momo

  • Sharon (Nene Version)
  • Daisy
  • Punk
  • Allie
  • Andrea (original version)
  • Angela
  • Aurora
  • Bright *full hand set*
  • Calix
  • Cuty
  • Jasmin (original version)
  • Kate (original version)
  • Olivia
  • Pag *full hand set*
  • Punk
  • Sara (original version)
  • Strawberry (original version)
  • Toby/Tobby (original version)

Fullsets containing Yoyo - human ears, definite cheeky smile

  • Tobby (Yoyo version)
  • Bella
  • Iliana *sleeping fairy head*
  • Ravi *sleeping fairy head*

Event special parts

From Felix Doll:

  • resin wig (replaces headcap)
  • style and utility hand sets


The body in this size is unisex, it is up to the owner to decide the doll's gender. Brownies have had three different connection systems for their hands:

  • Version 2: magnets
  • Version 3: o-rings (a conversion kit was available to upgrade version 2 dolls to version 3 hands)
  • Version 4(?): clip system.
  • Optional hands were available through Felixdoll.


Through Felixdoll, available skintones were:

  • bisque (pinkskin)
  • white skin
  • mocassin (yellowskin)

Through MuDoll, a single caucasian skintone is available


(From the MuDoll Browniedolli page; in cm)

  • Height : 11.4cm
  • Head : 9.3cm
  • Neck : 3.2cm
  • Bust : 5.5cm
  • Shoulder : 2.9cm
  • Waist : 5.6cm
  • Hip : 6.7cm
  • Foot : 1.6cm
  • Additional measurements (from DOA member SweetKitties27)
  • crotch to ankle 4 cm
  • crotch to bottom of foot 4 1/2 cm
  • belly button to ankle 5 1/2 cm (to foot 6 cm)
  • shoulder to wrist 2 1/2 cm
  • Shoulder to tip of fingers 4 cm
  • Upper arm 2 1/2 cm
  • Thigh 4 cm
  • Calf 3 cm

Shopping for Brownie

Brownie's manufacturer sells clothing for these dolls. Additionally, as Brownies are similar in size to Fairyland's pukipuki line, is not difficult to find bjd-specific clothing, wigs, and shoesi. In addition, some commercially available clothing (mainstream dolls found at Target and Toys R Us for example) fit brownies.

Commercially available clothing and shoes

  • Mattel's Kelly Doll (Barbie's little sister) clothes, shoes and boots fit
  • Some Bratz Kidz outfits (short sleeved) fit ok
  • Reproduction Flatsy Doll clothing fits well
  • Zapf Missie Millie clothing fits

Commercially available props

  • Breyer Horses, Marx Little Hostess Line, Schleich Toys, Heidi OTT props known to be good scale
  • Some Sylvanian Family furniture is a good scale
  • old style Polly Pocket accessories work well
  • Only Hearts Club furniture/sets are a good fit
  • American Girl Illumaroom and Target Our Generation magnetic room boxes and furniture fit well
  • Designer Chair collection model chairs fit well
  • Tiny Dreams props work well
  • Rement 1/6 props work well when used as "adult" size furniture
  • 1/12 dollhouse furniture works well when used as "child" size furniture

Other BJD lines, Den of Angels members, and other online vendors



Wig size: 3.5 to 4 inch


Eye size: 8mm.


Clothing (DIY)

Other (DIY)

face up tutorial (

Hybrid Compatibility

  • Brownie heads are compatible with Felixdoll's Small Comfort line of infant dolls
  • DD-Anne heads are compatible with Brownies (per DOA member Hasel)


  • MuDoll (Brownie distributor)[1]