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Faith is a line of 21cm dolls produced by Cherishdoll. Some demon-horned and unicorn-horned limiteds have been made from the standard sculpts.




  • Normal
  • White
  • Tan (some limited only)


  • Height: 21cm
  • Eyes: 10 - 12mm
  • Wig: 4 - 4.5"

The Faith line has two different kind of bodies available at the moment, the "New Body" and the more recent "Slim Body". There is a visual comparison between both styles here. The slim body is intended to be compatible with clothes for Blythe and Licca-chan dolls. As given by Cherishdoll, the rest of the measurements for the New Body are the following:

New Body (boy and girl)

  • Low-cut : 5cm = 1.9inch
  • The length of the shoulder : 5.5cm = 2.2inch
  • The length of the arm : 6.5cm = 2.6inch
  • The wrist girth : 3.5cm = 1.4inch
  • The waist girth : 9.7cm = 3.8inch
  • The hips girth : 12cm = 4.7inch
  • The thigh girth : 6.5cm = 2.6inch
  • The length of the leg : 9cm = 3.5inch
  • The ankle girth : 4cm = 1.6inch
  • The length of the foot : 3.1cm = 1.2inch