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Chic Line is Fairyland's line of 40 cm dolls. They were first released May 14, 2010. Chic Line is intended to be compatible with various types of doll lines available at Fairyland. The following is quoted directly from Fairyland’s site from their announcement of the new line.

“Chic Line's own unique look can be created with this new body and C-Line head, and you will also be able to use faceplates and heads from Fairyland's other doll line-ups with the help of head connection parts.

We are preparing to release both C-Line head which is a default for Chic Line as well as L-Line head connection which will be able to support LittleFee faceplate on Chic Line body. M-Line head connection for MiniFee head is also under development and we hope to introduce it in near future.

Other parts for Chic Line, such as fantasy themed parts, are being developed since Chic Line's design allows interchanging of many different parts, not just the head.

Chic Line Basic and Full Packages contain C-Line head as the default component. Photographs of Chic Line are featuring C-Line head.

L-Line head connection for Chic Line body will be available for sale separately after the event. L-Line head connection refers to the back of the head part only and does NOT include faceplate. We have plans for developing L-Line head faceplates for Chic Line in the future.”

Chic Line dolls three-piece torso much like the MiniFee with a changeable faceplate system. Like other Fairyland line dolls, they have magnetic hands and feet. They also have magnets in their head for ears, shoulderblades for wings, and one at their tailbone for a tail.


Basic and Full Packages


  • Hands No. 1 (for Boy)
  • Hands No. 2 (for Girl)
  • Hands No. 3 (for Boy)
  • Hands No. 4 (for Girl)

Body Types

Chic Line dolls are either mature males or mature females. The female line has different bust sizes (Large and Small), different legs (Cutie and Model), and has interchangeable high-heeled feet. The male line has a Muscular body or Normal body.


(From the Fairyland Measurements page).

Boy Girl
Height (cm/inch) 40/75.75 37/14.57
Weight (g/lbs) 457/1.0 338/0.74
Head circumference (cm/inch) 12.0/4.72 12.0/4.72
Neck circumference (cm/inch) 6.7/2.64 6.0/2.36
Shoulder Width (cm/inch) 8.2/3.23 7.5/2.95
Shoulder to Wrist (cm/inch) 13.0/5.12 12.0/4.72
Elbow to Wrist (cm/inch) 6.0/2.36 5.5/2.17
Length of Back (cm/inch) 8.0/3.15 6.5/2.56
Chest circumference (cm/inch) 18.0/7.09 16.7,16.0/6.57,6.3
Waist circumference (cm/inch) 13.5/5.31 11.0/4.33
Hip circumference (cm/inch) 18.0/7.09 17.5/6.89
Hip to Knee (cm/inch) 9.5/3.74 9.0/3.54
Knee to Ankle (cm/inch) 10.0/3.94 9.5/3.74
Ankle circumference (cm/inch) 5.0/1.97 4.3/1.69
Feet (cm/inch) 5.0/1.97 4.3/1.69
Feet (high-heel) (cm/inch) ---- 4.1/1.61

Hybrid Compatibility

Designed to be able to use faceplates and heads from Fairyland's other doll lines with the help of head connection parts.

Soom Rosette heads are also a very compatible fit on female ChicLine body. No modification needs to be done except to remove the neck-piece head-connector. Soom normal skin is a compatible match to FairyLand Natural. You can see a hybrid review here: [1]Soom Rosette-Fairyland Chicline Hybrids

Or view examples on Flickr: [2] [3] [4] [5]