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Creature Doll is a ball joint doll company based in South Korea. The owner Taewong Park posted the following introduction dated November 11, 2016, shortly before the release of the first doll, Priestess Eve.

“Hello. I am glad to meet you indeed with the name of creature doll. There has been lots of rough and tough moments in preparation of launching for about one and a half years, as it has gone through various things, this moment is much more special and unforgettable to me. Also, I expect to introduce dolls that I have made by myself under the name of my company rather than by someone’s order. If you have purchased ball joint dolls before, I assume that you might purchase dolls I made. I have worked ball joint companies such as iplehouse and souldoll for a long time making a number of dolls as a sculptor. Although there are numerous professional sculptors in Korea, most of them including me have to follow owners orders. As I was paid regularly by a company, there was an obvious limitation in terms of creativity, imagination, and personal time. Looking back on the past, it was depressing with lack of hope and dream. And one day, I started to dream to produce dolls and items that I had desired for a while and this is how creature doll has been established. I do not know whether my dolls will satisfy you meeting your expectations or not but I can confidently say I will provide you differentiated and special dolls, and will try my best. I also appreciate all my friends help and support for doing it.”


Creature doll as of December 2017 has one doll line, a 45cm mature MSD line of female dolls. Four basic dolls and three limited dolls. A number of optional hands and feet are also available, as well as resin accessories, clothing, wigs, shoes, and eyes.

  • Priestess Eve (limited)
  • Guardian Phyllis (limited)
  • Lucia
  • Mei
  • Lilith
  • Alicia (limited)
  • Angela


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