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The Sweet line by Doll In Mind are 'Tiny' sized dolls, however they also produce smaller dolls through the Honey line


The Sweet line dolls currently come with a sexless body. The newer smaller body is approximately 24.5cm, the original body was approximately 29cm and featured an 'outie' belly button. Choseol, the first Sweet line doll, came on a female body approximately 28cm tall. All bodies have two part torsos. The newest girls are on a more stylized body with cartoonish features.

Head Sculpts


Choseol open eyes

Choseol half-closed eyes










Primrose Head: about 21cm

Veruca Head: about 21cm

Chloe Head: about 21cm

Aria head: about 21cm

Trisha Head: about 22cm

2012 Sweet girl body

Height : 30.5cm(with head)

Neck : 5.9cm

Bust : 11.1cm

Shoulder : 5cm

Waist : 11cm

Hip : 15cm

Foot : 3.5cm

Head : 22cm

New Body

Height: 24.5cm

Circumference of Head : 15.7cm

Circumference of Neck 5.5cm

Circumference of Bust : 11cm

Circumference of Shoulder : 6cm

Circumference of waist 11cm

Circumference of Hip: 12cm

Arm lenth : 7cm(Including hand : 9cm)

Leg lenth : 10cm(Including foot)

Foot size : 3.3cm

Old Body

Height: 29cm

Circumference of Head :16cm

Circumference of Neck : 6cm

Circumference of Bust : 13.5cm

Circumference of Shoulder : 4.5cm

Circumference of waist 12.5cm

Circumference of Hip: 15cm

Foot size : 4.7cm

Choseol Body

Height: 28 cm

Circumference of Head : 16.5cm

Circumference of Neck : 6.7cm

Circumference of Bust : 14cm

Circumference of Shoulder : 7.5cm

Circumference of waist : 14cm

Circumference of Hip : 16.5cm

Foot size : 4cm

Eyes: 12mm