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Dolcebella is a Korean ball-jointed doll company founded in 2012 by Hyun-jung Woo. They began with the sale of eyes in 2013, and only sold eyes until 2017. Starting in 2018, Dolcebella sells eyes and dolls.

Dolcebella's unique crystal eyes are characterized by crystals being connected to the inside of the pupils. They own two technical patents and design patents for their crystal eyes in Korea.

In 2018, Dolcebella officially released their first doll, Peony. Peony was released with limited fullsets including outfits, wigs, eyes, shoes, accessories and makeup, as well as basic sets. Dolcebella plans to release dolls of various sizes in the future. Their dolls will have basic sets as well as limited fullsets.

Doll Lines

  • Tiny Sugar

Peony, Dolcebella's first doll, was released under this line. As the name suggests, the Tiny Sugar line features tiny, child-style dolls. The body is realistic, single-jointed, and immature (as befitting that of a child). The doll comes with removable teeth parts and ease of clothes changing hand parts. Resin type is urethane. The current available colors are white skin and normal skin.

Peony's release was accompanied by limited fullsets. She is normally purchasable with two variations of a white dress as well as a sleeping pouch.

Peony Limited Editions:


Height (cm) 17.5
Head circumference (cm) 14
Neck circumference (cm) 4.3
Shoulder width (cm) 4.5
Shoulder to wrist (cm) 4.5
Chest circumference (cm) 8.3
Waist circumference (cm) 8.9
Hip circumference (cm) 10.1
Waist to ankle (cm) 8.5
Leg length (cm) 5.8
Feet size (cm) 2.3
Eye size (cm) 12

Resin Colours

  • White
  • Normal

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