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DollClans is a small doll company from Thailand, which was established in 6 June 2011.

They offers doll heads and some full dolls through pre-order sales period on their official website. Their dealers are DOLK as their Japan and China agent and Kame House BJD as their Hong Kong and China agent.

The Clans

Each sculpt has been carefully designed and belongs to a Clan with their own profile (The Clans Member) and their own story (The Clans Story).


DollClans released their first body - U LINE body - on December 2012. The S LINE body was adopted from April Story and modified to match DollClans heads. It is considered property of April Story but will not be sold on the April Story site. It was released on August 2014.

S LINE body


Height (including head): 71 cm Neck circumference: 12 cm Width of shoulder: 19 cm Lenght of arms: 21 cm Girth of chest: 32 cm Girth of waist: 23 cm Girth of hip: 31 cm Girth of thigh: 18.5 cm Girth of calf: 14 cm Lenght of leg: 42 cm Feet length: 10 cm

Compatible heads

  • Benkel
  • Siber
  • Vezeto
  • Rynx
  • Dauber
  • Young Vezeto

U LINE body


Height (including head): 64 cm Neck circumference: 10.5 cm Width of shoulder: 14.5 cm Lenght of arms: 19 cm Girth of chest: 28.5 cm Girth of waist: 21 cm Girth of hip: 25.5 cm Lenght from shoulder to hip: 18 cm Girth of thigh: 16 cm Girth of calf: 12 cm Lenght from belly button to foot: 41 cm Foot length: 8 cm

Compatible heads

  • Kien
  • Jaquer
  • Koyote
  • Phython
  • Wyper
  • Kougar

Special releases

Since normally DollClans does not offer default make-up as same as promotion photos, there are some special release make-up version through events or sales. Currently there are 3 types of special releases: Special Editions, Event Editions and Demons Project.

Special editions

Special editions are special make-up heads made in limited quantities in each pre-order or within special season. All of special editions are listed under Special menu and sold on website only.

Event editions

Event editions are special make-up heads made in limited quantities for doll events and not sold on website.
All of event editions are listed under Event menu.

  • Kien: The Sweetest Sin : DollClans's The Animania Festival 2011 competition prize gift. Make-up by Raykit.
  • DollClans has also released several LE dolls for events, including a deck of cards themed set for Dollism Plus Tokyo and a Kien for DollPaCa.

Demons project

Demons are special make-up head made in one-off for worldwide. They're created under concept "Unleashed the demons". Unlike other special releases, the demons project has strict concept. The owner of each demon will be called as "Demon Owners" Demon will also grant one wish to owner. There are only wishes clue on item page. But wishes are unknown except the one who released the demon.

Packaging and items are all different than other special releases. Demons also have their own illustration. Especially the set is included the CD game "UNLEASHED ME", Demon Key, Demon Owner Key and illustration prints.
DollClans also record where the demons were released at Unleashed Demons special web page.

All of demons are listed under Demons menu and sold on website only.

  • 1st Demon - Kien: The Demon of Wealth : A charming demon influenced by Japan mysterious charm, released on October 31st 2012. Make-up by Atrium Hoshino.