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Doll Family is a doll company that was established in 2007. They are based in China. They have four sizes: BB, 45cm, 58-62cm (the female being 58 and 62 for males), and 70-75cm. The company does not offer clothing or other accessories for their dolls, but they do come with a pair of eyes when ordered. The company name is often abbreviated DF on the DOA forum.

Doll Lines

Their are five distinct types of dolls on the site. They are as follows:

70-75cm dolls (This line includes Dawn (Reborn), Shu Xiu, and Moon. All of these are male.) 58-62cm dolls (This line includes the female sculpts: May, Linlin, and Elsa and the male sculpts Linfeng, Xiang Yi, Lyre, Nuada, Yam, Linyu, Loong, Xuan, and Zishan) 45cm dolls (This line includes the sculpts: Angel, Rain, Star, and Wind. All of these sculpts are male.) BB dolls (This line includes the sculpts: Jojo, Yoyo, and Fire. All of these sculpts are male.) Special Dolls (This line includes the human dolls: Qing Ju, Qing Cheng, and Miyo all of which are 33cm. There are also the animal dolls Tea and Fox. Fox is likely off-topic for Den of Angels because it does not have joints in its legs)

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