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Doll Family is a Chinese doll company that was established in 2007. There is an official Ebay store, named Doll's Singing that is maintained by jeeryama. In addition to Ebay, there are several other sites to go to, including Mint on Card, the Doll Peddlar, Alice's Collections, Think Pink, and Happy House. On DOA, member catas is the overseas seller for both Doll Family-A and Doll Family-H. (Oftentimes, Doll Family is listed as DF-A or DF-H.) There are two artists for Doll Family, and to make business more managable, they split the lines.

Doll lines

There are two lines for Doll Family; DF-A and DF-H. There are a few differences between the two; DF-A will carry some sculpts that DF-H will not, and vice versa. This is because there are different artists on each line. Also, DF-A's 62cm boy body as two versions; DF-H only has the first version, not the second.



DF-H also carries jointed hands for their 70cm-, SD- and MSD-sized dolls.


  • DF-A Doll Family A Official website (Chinese)
  • DF-H Doll Family Official website (Chinese)

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