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Some companies offer fully articulated jointed hands in a variety of skin tones, which can also be used on dolls of other companies. Below is a list of all companies offering jointed hands as of February 2013.


Jointed hands are strung with individual elastic loops for each finger, looping around a hook in the wrist ball-joint. Restringing can be tricky due to the small elastic tunnels which generally take 3-5mm elastic. Some owners have used jewelry wire inside each finger for extra pose-ability. Due to the little parts they consist of, jointed hands can be tricky to blush or give manicures, but they can add a great deal of realism and expression of your doll.

Companies offering jointed hands

  • A Long Time (ALT)
    • Sizes: 1/3 hands
    • Skintones: White, normal yellow, pink, possible others
    • Extra options: Long and short nails
  • Angell-Studio
    • Sizes: 70cm male, SD male
    • Skintones: Translucent milk, translucent pink, solid white, solid pink, solid butter, sun-tanned, solid grey, normal pink
    • Extra options: -
  • DikaDoll
    • Sizes: 70cm male, SD13 male, SD13 female, MSD boy, MSD girl
    • Skintones: Normal yellow, normal pink, white, grey, tan
    • Extra options: long or short fingernails available for all hands
  • Doll Leaves
    • Sizes: 70cm male, 60cm male, 58cm female
    • Skintones: Normal skin, white skin
    • Extra options: Make Up: US$35
  • Doll Legend
    • Sizes: 70cm doll, 1/3 male, 1/4 doll, 1/6 doll (fits YOSD, Angel body, LATI, DZ, etc.)
    • Skintones: China resin: Yellow, pink, white. Imported resin (slightly transparent): Yellow, pink, white, tan, grey
    • Extra options: long or short nails. Make Up: US$20
  • DollFamily
    • Sizes: 70cm male, SD male, SD female, MSD unisex
    • Skintones: Normal yellow, normal pink, white, tan skin, grey skin
    • Extra options: -
  • Dollmore
    • Sizes: Lusion Doll - LE50 sets [1]
    • Skintones: Normal skin
    • Extra options: Blushing add 100usd
  • Dollzone (pre-order; limited)
    • Sizes: SD male, SD female, MSD male, MSD female, claw hands (70cm male)
    • Skintones: Normal yellow, normal pink, white, tan
    • Extra options:' blushing available for $20
  • Fect Doll (FD)
    • Sizes: 1/3 girl, 1/4 girl/boy
    • Skintones: White, normal, normal yellow, normal pink
    • Extra options:'
  • Granado (not sold separately)
    • Sizes: one pair for both their 62 cm and 68cm male bodies
    • Skintones: White, normal (yellow), pink, brown and sunshine
    • Extra options: -
  • Heisejinyao Ziyulinglong (HZ doll)
    • Sizes: 1/3 male
    • Skintones: White, normal
    • Extra options: Blushing available for a $20.00 fee
  • Illusion Spirit
    • Sizes: 70cm male, 1/3 male, 1/3 female, 1/4 dolls
    • Skintones: Normal yellow, normal pink, white, tan, gray
    • Extra options: -


    • Sizes: Idol Man
    • Skintones: White, real, pink, tan, grey, special tan, special real
    • Extra options: Blushing available for $25
  • Island Doll
    • Sizes: 70cm male
    • Skintones: Normal, Island, Pink, Neutral beige, Opal, Snow white, Tan, Blue
    • Extra options: -
  • Loongsoul (LS)
    • Sizes: 72cm male, 69cm female, 1/3 doll male, 1/3 mechanical hand (LE dolls only), 72cm male claw hands (LE)
    • Skintones: White, normal pink, normal yellow, French white, French normal pink, French normal yellow, French real skin, French tan, French caesious (LE), French gray (LE)
    • Extra options: -
  • Magic Time (MT)
    • Sizes: 1/4 and 1/6 boy/girl hands (1/6 in two size versions: 1] MT size with 0.8cm wrist handball, 2] YoSD size with 1.2cm wrist handball).
    • Skintones: White, normal pink, normal yellow, tan
    • Extra options: 1/4 hands: long or short nails
  • POPO Doll
    • Sizes: one pair for both their 68cm and 70cm male bodies
    • Skintones: Normal skin, white
    • Extra options: -
  • Ringdoll
    • Sizes: 72cm male, 72cm mechanical hands (3 types; only two jointed)
    • Skintones: White, normal, tan skin (french resin), gray (irregular limited time order) [2]
    • Extra options: -
  • Soom (sold with dolls or irregular limited time offers)
    • Sizes: ID72 male, Mecha Angel (70cm) male, Super Gem female
    • Skintones: normal, cream white, grey, tan, tawny, bronze, etc.
    • Extra options:' these hands are sold as a self-assembly kit
  • Spirit Doll
    • Sizes: Proud male (70cm male), Proud female, Herculean male
    • Skintones: Normal, white, tan, gray (LE)
    • Extra options:' -
  • Unidoll (out of business)
    • Sizes: 70cm male
    • Skintones: ???
    • Extra options: long and short fingernails

Hybrids & resin matches

Many jointed hands can be used on other dolls, but might sometimes not fit properly, look out of proportion or simply not match very well. Resin matched for different companies offering jointed hands can be checked through the 'regular' resin comparison threads. A great thread offering information of both resin match and fit can be found here.