Illusion Spirit

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Illusion Spirit is a Chinese BJD company, by China Phantom Wizard Toys Co.

Some of the most notable features about these dolls are that they have very flexible bodies , and amazing balance.


Resin colors

  • White
  • Normal Yellow
  • Normal Pink
  • Tanned
  • Grey

Resin color comparison list

note: not all listed match, this is for reference purposes

Illusion Spirit white compared to:

Illusion Spirit normal yellow compared to:

  • said to be more white than Dollzone yellow (if you have/know of pictures please add link)
  • Oceanmoon normal skin
  • said to match Volks (if you have/know of pictures please add link)

Illusion Spirit normal pink compared to:

Illusion Spirit Tanned compared to:

Illusion Spirit Grey compared to:

Jointed hand sizes

  • 1/4
  • 1/3
  • 70cm


Dealer links