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Island Doll (ID), a bjd company based in China, makes many dolls in various sizes; 10 cm, 26 cm, 41-46 cm, 58-64 cm, and 65-70 cm. The dolls are made out of environmental resin. They have several skin tones for the dolls; snow white, milk white, opal, sunburned, normal, island, pink, neutral beige, tan, dark tan and blue. However not all of the skin tones are available with every line or sculpt. They are quite posable in addition to being very reasonably priced.

The company Island Doll is now composed of four aesthetically different lines or Series as the company calls them. They make both Limited Edition (LE) and Regular Edition (RE) dolls.

Doll lines

They have several dealers, including an official site, but some sites have limited selections compared to others. For instance, Jpop, a USA dealer, only has two dolls listed (SD Aurora and 70cm Damien) while Luxour Academy has much more variety in each size.

Current doll sizes


Original Island Doll Line bodies
Wind Island Bodies
Norse Myth Bodies


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