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Island Dolls Second line of dolls which varies aesthetically from their first line. The Wind line has doll molds that are primarily androgynous in design. In this line they introduced their gender neutral 60cm body as well as their first closed eye sculpt. They also have one more traditionally rugged male sculpts in this line, as well as two 1/6 boys. In 2014 they introduced their first 40cm sculpt in this line, also gender neutral, with an unique pear shaped body, as demand for more diverse body types continues to grow in the hobby.

Resin Colors:

Tan (Additional Fee)
Dark Tan (Additional Fee)
  • Please note - Tan & Dark Tan Skin may show some white sanding residue/discoloring. This is normal and not considered a flaw.
  • Because make-up is hand painted, it may vary from images.

Current Doll Sizes


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