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Island Dolls 1/3 scale of dolls spans all four of their Lines for a total of 21 different doll sculpts. The majority of which belong to their First Line. The various heights of the 58-64cm line of Island Doll depend on the gender of the doll and which body it is on; one of the tallest, Eric, stands at 62cm, while one of the shortest, Ellie, stands at 59cm. These dolls are double jointed and made out of environmental resin. The vast majority of them are available as both Fullset and basic dolls. The 58-64cm line is composed of both limited edition and regular edition dolls. they are available with and without faceups. They are available in several skin tones for the dolls; snow white, milk white, opal, sunburned, normal, island, pink, neutral beige, tan, dark tan and blue. However not all of the skin tones are available with every line or sculpt.


Original Island Doll Line(First Series)

Norse Myth Series

Wind Island Series

Sense Circus Series


59cm (Amber, Amy, Aurora, Ellie, Jane, and Vivian)
Height: 59cm
Head: 21.5cm
Eye size: 14mm
Neck size: 8cm
Shoulder width: 12cm
Chest size: 23cm
Waist size: 17cm
Hip size: 25cm
Sleeve (from shoulder to wrist): 19cm
Neck top to waist: 12.5cm
Waist to ankle:32.5cm
Inseam (from hips end to ankle): 26cm
Ankle: 7cm
Foot length: 7cm
Foot width: 2.7cm
62cm (Eric, Nolan)
Height: 62cm
Head: 23cm
Eye size: 16mm
Neck size: 9.5cm
Shoulder width: 13cm
Chest size: 25cm
Waist size: 20cm
Hip size: 25cm
Sleeve (from shoulder to wrist): 19cm
Neck top to waist: 11cm
Waist to ankle: 38cm
Inseam (from hips end to ankle): 30.5cm
Ankle: 7m
Foot length: 7.8cm
Foot width: 3cm


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