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A Long Time (ALT) is a Chinese dollmaker. English website was introduced in 2012.
Dolls are available in pure white, white, normal yellow, and normal pink resin colors. [1]

Doll lines

65cm dolls

60cm dolls

45cm dolls

  • Toby

30cm dolls

  • August
  • June
  • July
  • May
  • October
  • September

18cm dolls


boy body
boy body
girl body
girl body
boy body
Height / Height excluding head 62cm 45cm 44cm / 37cm 25.2cm 26cm
Head 23cm 18cm
Eyes 14mm 14mm
Circumference of neck 10cm 8cm 7.7cm 6cm 6cm
Width of shoulders 14cm 9.5cm 8.3cm 6.5cm 6.5cm
Circumference of chest 19cm Size0: 15.5cm
SizeA: 18cm
SizeC: 18.5cm
SizeG: 19.5cm
13cm 13cm
Circumference of waist 20cm 15cm 14cm 11cm 11cm
Circumference of hips 26cm 19cm 21cm 14cm 14cm
Sleeve length 11.8cm 6.7cm 7cm
Hand length 4.5cm 2.3cm
Leg length 37cm 28cm 25cm 10.7cm 10.7cm
Thigh circumference 15cm 11.5cm 12.5cm
Ankle girth 8cm 6cm 6.2cm
Foot length 8cm 5.2cm 6.2cm 3.8cm 3.8cm
Foot width


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