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A Chinese BJD company launched in April 2011. [1] Dolls are produced in 1/3 and 1/4 scale, ranging from 66cm to 77cm on the larger end and 15cm at the smallest. Granado's resin colors include white, new normal, sunshine, asura (gray), tan, bronze, and chocolate.



  • Sidonia - The Next Door Beauty (release date: 2011/9/23)
  • Taya - The Crane Maiden (release date: 2012/01/19)
  • Gitana - Twelfth Night (same sculpt as Guilem) (release date: 2012/02/03)
  • Fayette - A Midsummer Night's Dream (release date: 2012/04/01)
  • Void.f - Dearly Beloved (release date: 2012/09/13)
  • Katrien - The Queen with her Mirror (release date: 2013/01/31)
  • Anne - Modern Dancer (release date: 2013/10/09)
  • Marion - the Maid (release date: 2014/05/30)
  • Kaili - Sweetie Kaili (release date: 2014/08/17)
  • Linca (release date: 2014/11/17)
  • Fayette - Moon Festival Version (release date: 2015/09/27)
  • Venus (release date: 2015/06/01)
  • Mercury (release date: 2016/04/03)


  • Boyd (release date: 2011/04/17)
  • Scout (release date: 2011/07/07)
  • Boyd - The Nightmare (romantic version of Boyd) (release date: 2011/10/07)
  • Titus - The New Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde (release date: 2011/11/15)
    • Titus - Dr. Jekyll (limited asura skin), normal and scarred variants
    • Titus - Mr. Hyde, normal and scarred variants
  • Scout - The Saturnalia miracle (release date: 2011/12/05)
  • Guilem - Twelfth Night (male version of Gitana) (release date: 2012/02/03)
  • Takuya - The Animal Lover (male version of Taya) (release date: 2012/05/03)
  • Chaka - Othello: Another story in Venice (release date: 2012/06/15)
  • Davon - Romeo: Romeo and Lucifer (release date: 2012/09/26)
  • Xavier - Oberon: A Midsummer Night's Dream : Act2 (release date: 2012/10/18)
  • Charles - Prince is also a Pauper (release date: 2012/12/20)
  • Terra - Daily life Off-stage (release date: 2013/04/23)
  • Terra - A Little Pirate (release date: 2013/04/23) Limited to 38
  • Hansel (release date: 2013/07/01)
  • Andrew - Dark Side - Puppet Master (release date: 2013/08/16)
  • Andrew - Bright Side - Finance Minister (release date: 2013/08/16)
  • Andy - Treasure Hunter (release date: 2013/10/09)
  • Mads - Agent Mads (release date: 2013/11/18)
  • Fabio - the Dancer (release date: 2014/05/05)
  • Gabe - the Swimmer (release date: 2014/06/12)
  • Jaden - Western Cowboy (release date: 2014/07/25)
  • Boyd:R, Rock Star (release date: 2014/10/01)
  • Kortes (release date: 2014/10/24)
  • Mick (release date: 2014/11/29)
  • Pancho (release date: 2015/02/17)
  • Uranus (release date: 2015/04/01)
  • Mars (release date: 2015/07/03)
  • Pluto (release date: 2015/08/21)
  • Charles.Evo (release date: 2015/09/05)
  • Andrew.Evo (release date: 2015/10/10)
  • Neptune (release date: 2015/10/28)
  • Uranus.Evo (release date: 2015/04/12)
  • Jupiter (release date: 2016/05/13)
  • Enoch (release date: 2016/07/11)
  • Michael (release date: 2016/08/30)
  • Uriel (release date: 2017/05/04)


  • Nico, X-mas Kit (release date: 2013/12/20)
  • Nico, Detective Nico (release date: 2014/01/26)
  • Awin, Undercover Man (release date: 2014/09/23)
  • Saturn & Saturn.S (release date: 2016/02/08)

VIPO series

VIPO Series heads are available by lottery draw only, unless some are unclaimed.

  • V-01 (release date: 201110/21) Limited to 15
  • V-02 (release date: 2011/11/21) Limited to 15
  • V-03 (release date: 2012/03/06) Limited to 20
  • V-04 (release date: 2012/07/09) Limited to 20
  • V-05 (release date: 2012/12/01) Unlimited, Winter Event head
  • V-06 (release date: 2014/04/15) Unlimited
  • V-07 (release date: 2016/11/03) Limited to 20

Unic series

Unic Series heads are with special face-up, and are one-off

  • Fayette - Witch of Withering (release date: 2012/08/30) One-off
  • Hansel - the Swindler (release date: 2013/07/01) For display only
  • Mads - Mad Scientist (release date: 2013/11/18) For display only

Tiny Models

These are mature 1/6 dolls, measuring between 28-33cm tall. There are currently 6 different male bodies and 3 different female bodies available. Heads are available separately on release.


  • Lucifer
  • Napoleon
  • Galileo
  • Ninth
  • Garden
  • Shadow
  • Lucent
  • Abel
  • Gabriel


  • Jane (possibly discontinued)
  • Bonnie
  • Bayou
  • Jade

15cm (Mature)

1/12 scale, unnamed line. Sold as bodies (currently 2 options), with head options available. *NOTE:* Only one head model is on-topic for DoA; the other two have sealed eyes and are off-topic.

  • Lucent

Tiny Cutie (14cm)

  • A Bit Kitty
  • TimTim
  • Jewel
  • Liz
  • Blarie
  • Chibo


Current Male Bodies

Male Evol Embody Lads & Plus Titan Zen Vigor SuperModel
Height (head included) 70cm 70cm 66.5cm 77.5cm 46cm 70cm 74cm 65cm
Girth of neck 11.8cm 11.6cm 10.8cm 16cm 9cm 11.5cm 13.4cm 10.6cm
Width of shoulders 15cm 14.5cm 13cm 19cm 11.5cm 15.5cm 15cm 12.5cm
Arm length 20cm 19.5cm 20cm 22.5cm 14cm 21cm 22.5cm 18cm
Girth of chest 35.6cm 35cm 28.4cm 47.5cm 20.5cm 30.5cm 37.9cm 27.3cm
Girth of waist 25.3cm 24.5cm 21.8cm 34.5cm 15.8cm 21.1cm 25.3cm 20cm
Girth of hips 32.7cm 31.8cm 26.7cm 41.3cm 20cm 28.6cm 31.7cm 25.2cm
Girth of thigh 19.5cm 19cm 16.5cm 26.7cm 10.9cm 15.7cm 18.8cm 15.4cm
Girth of calf 14.8cm 14.7cm 11.7cm 19.8cm 7.9cm 11.3cm 13.1cm 10cm
Girth of upper arm 12cm 12cm 9.5cm 12.2cm 9.2cm
Girth of wrists 7.5cm 7cm 6.3cm 7.5cm
Leg length (hips to feet) 35.8cm 35cm 35cm 38.3cm 23.3cm 36.8cm 36.6cm 33.5cm
Length from clavicle to hip 23cm 23.5cm 21cm 29cm 14.5cm 23.7cm 27cm 21cm
Length of feet 10cm 10cm 7.8cm 11cm 6.2cm 8.6cm 9.4cm 7.6 x 2.8cm
Weight 2.5kg 2.5kg 5.5kg 2kg 1.4cm

Current Female Bodies

Female Nuevo Maiden(2) Female Embody
Height 62cm 58cm 65cm
Height w/ heel feet 60cm
Girth of neck 9.5cm 8.4cm 9.5cm
Width of shoulders 12.5 cm 10.5cm 10cm
Arm length 9.5cm 17.5cm 20cm
Girth of small/A bust 25.5cm 23.9cm
Girth of small/A bust 25.5cm 23.9cm
Girth of medium/B+C bust 25cm (forward); 25.5cm (natural) 26cm (C forward)
Girth of large bust 26.5cm
Girth of waist 18cm 17.2cm 16cm
Girth of hips 27.2cm 26.4cm 28.2cm
Leg length (hips to feet) 32.5cm 29.8cm 35cm
Girth of thigh 15.5cm 15.4cm 16.5cm
Girth of calf 11.2cm 9.9cm 11.4cm
Length from clavicle to hip 18.5cm 9.9cm 20cm
Length of feet 6.7cm 6.7 x 2.5cm 8 x 3cm
Length of heel feet 7.1cm 7 x 2.6cm

Discontinued Bodies

Discontinued Female Male Male (long leg)
Height (head included) 62cm 64cm 68cm
Girth of neck 9.6cm 11cm 11cm
Width of shoulders 13.1cm 17cm 15.4cm
Arm length 18.5cm 20cm 21cm
Girth of chest 25.9cm 29.2cm 29cm
Girth of waist 16.7cm 20.8cm 20.3cm
Girth of hips 28cm 26.4cm 27.5cm
Leg length (hips to feet) 33.7cm 32cm 37cm
Girth of thigh 16.1cm 16.4cm 16.7cm
Girth of calf 13cm 14.7cm
Length from clavicle to hip 18.3cm 21cm 20.5cm
Length of feet 6.7cm 7.6cm 7.6cm / 7cm high heel

Resin matches

"Match quality" in the table below should be noted as "perfect" or "close" or a brief description. For example "Slightly lighter" will denote that the other company is lighter than the Granado color.

Granado color Company Company color Match quality
Natural / Normal Yellow (discontinued) Volks NS, 2010 close
Switch NS, 2011 slightly lighter
Switch NS, 2008 perfect
Dollclans NS (old skin) perfect
ANother Secret NS, 2012 perfect
Pink / New Normal Iplehouse NS, 2011 slightly lighter
Immortality of Soul NS, 2013 close, slightly lighter
Bimong NS close, slightly more yellow
Illusion Spirit normal pink close, slightly darker
Volks 2013 NS perfect
Soom NS perfect (2011 Granado - 2012 pink isn't a match)
La Legende de Temps NS close/perfect
Popodoll NS close/perfect
Dollzone NS perfect
Migidoll 2012 NS perfect
Elfdoll 2011 NS slightly darker
Asleep Eidolon NS slightly lighter
Domuya 2012 NS perfect
Ringdoll 2013 Old French NS close to Granado 2013, slightly more yellow
Ringdoll 2014 Old Pure NS close/perfect to Granado 2015-7
Spiritdoll 2016 NS a bit darker and more saturated than 2016-7 new normal
White Spiritdoll, 2011 white perfect
Rosettadoll 2012 NS close
Sunshine Domuya light tan close


Nuevo Female body

  • Tops: Soom Supergem, SD16 fit best; Dollmore Model Woman (shoulders too narrow); SD13 boy (a little tight in the waist)
  • Bottoms: Soom Supergem, SD16, SD17 boy pants
  • Shoes: coming soon

Old/64cm Male body

  • Tops: Tata's Paradise SD17 sized shirts, LUTS Super Senior Delf tops, Volks SD17 shirts, Souldoll Zenith tops- a bit long in the arms, short-sleeved shirts in 70cm size, 70cm dress shirts may be tight on the upper arm and long in the arm.
  • Bottoms: Volks SD13 trousers may fit but may be tight in the thighs and short in the leg, Guessdoll SD sized jeans, Soom Supergem trousers, HZ 65cm pants, some other 65cm size pants
  • Shoes: Soom Supergem Shoes, most SD sized male shoes

Old/68cm Male body

  • Tops, same as 64cm body: Tata's Paradise SD17 sized shirts, LUTS Super Senior Delf tops, Volks SD17 shirts, Souldoll Zenith tops – a bit long in the arms
  • Bottoms: LUTS Super Senior Delf trousers fit a little long, Volks SD17 trousers, Souldoll Zenith trousers
  • Shoes, same as 64cm body: Soom Supergem shoes, most SD sized male shoes; boots with wide tops

Nuevo Male body

  • Tops: Tata's Paradise SD17 sized shirts appear to fit.

Lads and Lads Plus body

  • Tops: 70cm/SD17
  • Tops: 70cm/SD17

Evol and Embody

  • Tops: Stretchy SSDF shirts, SID or tight EID Iplehouse clothes.
  • Bottoms: Iplehouse EID or Soom ID72 pants (may run long and loose in the waist); SID pants (preferably stretchy material)
  • Shoes: Iplehouse EID or Soom ID72 shoes

Most sculpts fit 8-9" wigs best.

Chaka: 12–14mm
Katrien: 16mm
Other sculpts: 12mm

Waiting Room


Contact on DoA: ikaru