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Heisejinyao Ziyulinglong (or HZ) is a Chinese BJD clothing and doll company. In 2009 they introduced five 65cm male dolls based on characters by Chinese artist Heise. In 2010 they introduced two new characters based on restyled existing sculpts, plus one new sculpt. They also changed their white skin body in 2010, phasing out the single-jointed 65cm body in favour of a 62cm double-jointed body which also had an upper torso joint. As of July 2011 the normal skin body is still the old 65cm single-jointed version without an upper torso joint.

HZ also produces doll accessories such as bags and doll stands, eyes, wigs, and non-doll items such as cards and mouse pads featuring Heise's artwork.



  • Wang Ye - Flame-haired with red eyes and elf ears. A blood red tear on the face is available as a faceup option. (Please note the red wig from the promo photos was not released with the doll owing to quality issues.)
  • Ao Zhe Tian - black-haired, with black and white full-set outfit. Human ears.
  • Schuster Fei - white military style outfit, pale silver hair and a flower tattoo at the side of his eye if desired. (The white/silver default wig was not released with the doll owing to quality issues.)
  • Hui Ka - a vampire in black wig and black and white costume. Elf-eared with fangs protruding over the bottom lip.
  • Xiao Han - a youthful head sculpt, elf eared, with white hair and costume, and blue eyes.


  • In 2010 the Schuster Fei sculpt was re-released with a different faceup as Devil Fei.
  • The same year Tian was re-released as FengWu Ya, a new character with a different faceup and styling.
  • In 2010, Guhu, a sixth doll was made available from a separate Heise storyline. Guhu is listed as LIS - Love in Silence. Guhu is available on both the new or old body. He has elf ears.
  • In 2010 the five original sculpts were re-released in a limited edition tan Egyptian style. Some had briefly been available in tan at the time of the original 2009 release.


  • In 2011 the Boss sculpt was released, also from the LIS storyline. He is the Guhu sculpt with human ears. He is available on both the new and old body.
  • Also released in 2011 was Wuxie, another doll from LIS. He is also available on the new and old body.

Skin tones

  • White skin
  • Normal skin
  • Tan skin (limited)


The old 65cm single-jointed white skin body was discontinued in 2010 and replaced with a 62cm body which is both double-jointed and includes an upper torso joint.

The 65cm body is still available in white skin only and does not yet have double-jointing or an upper torso joint. The 62cm body is available only in normal skin.

The skin color choice(s) are according to Mint on Card - it is possible this information is no longer correct

  • Height: 65cm (older bodies) or 62cm (new white skin bodies)
  • Wig size: 8-9
  • Neck size: 10cm
  • Shoulder width: 13cm
  • Arms length: 23cm
  • Breast: 24cm
  • Waist: 19.5cm
  • Back length: 16.5cm
  • Hip: 26cm
  • Hip to heel: 38cm (36cm for new 62cm white skin body)
  • Width of Thigh: 13cm
  • Foot length:8.5cm