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DollTi was a Korean doll company.

DollTi was first noticed by BJD owners outside Korea in late 2005, when the company listed one 56cm male doll, "D," for sale on eBay. "D" was unusual at the time because of his socketed hands and feet; with the basic doll, DollTi shipped two pairs of interchangeable hands and a single hand with raised middle finger. The hand and foot sockets may be an adaptation of parts such as electrical sockets, since they are pins glued into a cavity and a matched tension socket, rather than magnetic parts. "D" also came with a resin mask. Notices on eBay auction indicated one tan D would be sold in Korea, another outside Korea; the other Ds were white skin or normal skin color, with faceups unique to each auctioned doll.

A small number of "D" auctions followed over the next several months, as well as two more male sculpts (Woo Yan and Moo Yan) and one female sculpt, Ahz. DollTi also launched a website. The site indicated that DollTi was connected with Mink, the sculptor of LovelyHouse, because some LovelyHouse sculpts were pictured in the section of dolls for sale.

After a prolonged silence, DollTi restocked the website in 2008 with a new line of Tiny anthro and robot dolls based on The Wizard of Oz. As of March 2010, the DollTi website was down and nothing was known about DollTi's current work or future plans. In August of 2010, DollTi reappeared on eBay under a new username, selling a white resin D and a normal resin Ahz. An announcement from the company was posted on DoA, saying that DollTi was ending all production and would be selling the remaining stock of dolls on eBay. The announcement and some answers to questions on eBay also verified that DollTi had been the successor company to LovelyHouse.