Doll meet etiquette

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  • Ask before handling somebody’s doll. Some people will let you touch their dolls, and some prefer that you only look. Ask every time, for every doll, as some dolls are more fragile or fiddly than others. When you are holding somebody's doll, be more careful with it than your own.
  • Ask before photographing somebody’s doll. Most people don’t mind, but you should always ask.
  • There are many dolls out there with gorgeous face-ups, but never put your hand on a doll's face. The oils in your hands can degrade the sealant on a face-up and cause it to wear off more quickly. Face-ups can be expensive and in most cases they can’t be easily replicated or repaired if they become damaged. Look with your eyes, not your hands.
  • Please make sure your hands are clean. Many meet-ups include food so it’s easy to get something on your hands then transfer it to a doll. Always be sure to wash your hands after eating.
  • Keep in mind that when you bring your doll to meet-ups people are going to want to hold them or photograph them. If you aren't comfortable with this and you don’t want to have to keep saying no you may want to think about leaving your doll at home. Nobody will think less of you for showing up without your doll.
  • If your meet-up is in a public space, please be respectful of the non-doll people around you. Do not take over an establishment or public space and spread out your dolly stuff all over the place to the point where non-doll people are inconvenienced. If non-doll people come up and ask questions, please be polite. One person’s rudeness can negatively impact everybody at the meet-up. If somebody complains the whole group could get kicked out.
  • If you are at a meet-up in a restaurant, the best place for dolls is not in the middle of the table. It only takes one spill to ruin an expensive dolly dress.
  • Don't put other people's dolls in random sexual positions without asking. Even with permission, please don’t do this in public places. Most people are going to think it is inappropriate and you could potentially get your meet-up kicked out of a public venue.
  • If you are planning on hosting a meet-up, plan ahead. It’s really helpful to read the Organizing_a_meet-up page.
  • If you want to bring stuff to sell, make sure it’s okay with the host/hostess beforehand.
  • You do not have to own a doll to attend meet-ups. Meet-ups can be a great way to learn about dolls in person before taking the plunge on what can be a very expensive purchase.
  • It doesn’t matter your actual age when attending meet-ups as long as you can act like a mature adult. Please read the meet-up thread carefully, as some meets do not allow underaged members without a parent or guardian. Small children should not be taken to meets without first consulting the group, and more specifically your host if the meet is in a private home.
  • If you are bringing guests or non-doll people to meet-ups, check with the group and be sure the guests know all about dolly etiquette in advance.
  • Don't bring pets to a meet-up. If you are hosting the meet-up and you have pets, confine them to a separate area unless you're sure that no one has allergies or phobias.
  • Be sure to introduce yourself if it's your first meet-up! Be friendly and welcoming to newcomers. We were all n00bs once.
  • Make sure your dolls are on tables or other areas, leaving room for humans to sit in actual chairs. Some people sit on the floor by choice, but nobody should be forced to do so because there are 10 dolls on the sofa.
  • Offer to bring something if the meet-up involves food and it’s not at a restaurant. Even if it’s just plastic cups, your host will really appreciate it.
  • If the meet-up requires the host to plan for the number of people coming, let the host know if you can no longer attend. Don’t show up with your 10 friends without letting the organizer know ahead of time that you will be bringing guests.
  • If you are planning on posting meet-up pics with people in them, be sure they're all okay with their photos being posted. After the fact you can do things like blurring out the person's face, but planning your photos around them beforehand is probably best.
  • Good personal hygiene is a must. While human odors are inevitable, nobody needs to be exposed to particularly pungent ones. Keep in mind if you have strong pet odors in your home, you are very likely taking them with you on your clothing and exposing others to them.
  • Don’t say mean, nasty or rude things to people about their dolls or doll things. If you think somebody’s doll or doll items are ugly, dirty, or cheap, keep it to yourself. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but nobody should feel put down at a doll meet-up. There is an appropriate place for everything, and a meet-up isn't the place for this kind of behavior.

This list was originally compiled by jerrysugarav.