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Kkotmu is a 28cm BJD made by Korean artist, Domadoll. Kkotmu is available in a number of forms; unisex human Kkotmu, centaur Uni-Kkotmu or Christmas Limited Edition, Rudolf Uni- Kkotmu. All forms of Kkotmu have a magnet in the doll's forehead to allow it to wear a unicorn horn.

In addition to the forehead magnet, Uni-Kkotmu's special feature was that it had a centaur body, but also came with a human pelvis and feet so that the forelegs of the centaur body could be restrung with the human pelvis and feet to create a humanoid doll, or restrung with human parts and hooved feet to create a fantasy fawn.

Human Kkotmu Measurements:

  • Doll Model : Kkotmu (Human)
  • Genders : U
  • Height : 28cm
  • Head size : 6.5(inch)
  • Eye size : 12cm
  • Foot length : 4cmx1.5cm
  • Chest : 12.5cm
  • Waist : 12cm
  • Hips : 13.5cm

Uni-Kkotmu Measurements

  • Height: 28cm
  • Head size : 6.5inch
  • Feet size : 4cm
  • Leg length : 14cm
  • Arm length : 11.5cm
  • Horse part's length : 8cm
  • Horse hind leg's length : 15cm
  • Horse front leg's length: 12cm