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Hana and Doona Tinies

Hana Angel and Hana Devil were released August 2006. They are child sculpts with interchangeable faceplates, magnetic hands, and 20cm genderless bodies, although Devil is presented as a boy and Angel as a girl. The faceplates are very expressive, but the body poses poorly and was soon redesigned.

The initial offering Devil fullset includes the Homme Skin doll, four faceplates (neutral, pouting, smiling and sleeping), fist hands, wig, eyes, headband with horns, costume and shoes. The initial Angel fullset includes the normal skin doll, four faceplates (neutral, crying, smiling and sleeping), fist hands, wig, eyes, tiara, costume and shoes.

Doona Ryung and Doona Soah were released in June 2007. They have new face sculpts on a redesigned 20cm Hana body. Soah comes dressed as a rabbit and Ryung as a cat. Each has four faceplates (neutral, sleeping, neutral with painted animal muzzle, and smiling Soah/frowning Ryung). Both are Normal Skin.

Halloween Hana was released October 2007. The boy and girl use the redesigned Doona body, and share new faceplate sculpts (neutral, angry, and sleeping) but painted as a boy or girl. The girl fullset comes with a witch costume and wand, the boy with a wizard costume and trident.