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  • Short male body: the original body released in 2006. 58cm. Single-jointed knees and elbows, 2-piece torso with pelvis joint, flat feet, neutral and fist hands.
  • Tall male body: first offered with Special K in 2007. 63cm, mostly identical with the 58cm body except for longer legs and more defined abs.
  • Original female SB: one of the two original girl body options released in Feb. 2005. 58cm. Small bust, 2-piece torso, single-jointed knees and elbows, flat feet, neutral and fist hands.
  • Original female LB: one of the two original girl body options released in Feb. 2005. 59cm. Large bust, 3-piece torso, single-jointed knees and elbows, flat feet, neutral and fist hands. (Note that the LB was taller than the SB because of the extra torso joint.)
  • RuRu body: Released only with tan RuRu in December 2006, same as the original girl body except for a 1-piece, unjointed torso.
  • Revised female (Hazy) body: Issued with Hazy's release in March 2008. It was slimmer than the original body, with 3-piece torso, single-jointed knees and elbows, thinner legs and smaller bust. This body had posing issues, especially in the knee area.
  • Standard female body: Redesigned from the Hazy body, with "cleavage bra" bust, 2-piece torso, magnetic hands, and double-jointed elbows and knees.
  • Female Pinup body: Based on the new standard body, but with a more natural bust and 3-piece torso. This body was first released with Barbara in July 2010. In general this was the best-posing of the Elfdoll female bodies.
  • 2013 new female body: Released with Yuri in October 2013. It was a combination of design elements of previous bodies, and was not well received by fans. It had the RuRu 1-piece unjointed torso with a new extra-large bust, double-jointed elbows, single-jointed knees, and high heeled feet with no ankle joint.

General body notes: All Rainy bodies use an O-ring instead of an S-hook to attach the head. Male and female feet were the same on the original bodies. Original male and female bodies had problems with the small eye hook pulling loose from the foot, and a tendency to wobbly ankle joints. Magnetic hands were used on the female bodies after 2009, and Elfdoll sold magnetic hand balls to retrofit old hook hand bodies.

Resin colors:

  • Normal: Original normal skin was yellow-toned. In 2011 it became pink-toned.
  • Snow: (aka white) Originally used for special releases, but became a standard option after 2009.
  • Homme: Originally the only available color for male sculpts, but became a standard option after 2009.
  • Real: Available as an option on Hazy, Eun-a, Rita, Yuan and Sian. Similar in color to Homme.
  • Tan: Only available on older special releases Tanned K and first edition RuRu.

General resin notes: Elfdoll changed casting companies circa 2010, so Normal and Homme cast after this time don't match older dolls. Real and Tan ceased to be available after 2009. All resin is polyurethane.

Alternate heads:

  • Reminisce (closed eye) heads were first released in July 2006 for Ryung, Soah and Sooah, and were offered as gifts to current owners of those sculpts. They were then sold as an option for those sculpts plus Wu, Red, K, Lydia, June and RuRu.
  • Half-closed eye heads were available as an option for First Release Ryung, Special K and Won. Nabee also had half-closed eyes.
  • Smiling heads were available as an option for Ryung, Soah and Barbara.
  • Mir was originally released with a molded-hair headcap. Later a standard headcap version was offered.

Hands, feet, teeth and other parts:

  • Ruru fullset and Special Ryung fullset had optional high heel feet with molded-on shoes.
  • Nabee fullset had optional geta feet.
  • Fist hands were available for both the male and female bodies. The original hook mount was changed to magnets with the female body redesign in 2009. Male hands remained hook mounted.
  • Smoking hands were available for Special K.
  • Camera and lipstick hands were offered with the Pinup body release in 2010.
  • Smiling Barbara, Yuan and Sian had separate teeth inserts.
  • Barbara had separate eyelid inserts, open and half-closed with each head.

Head Sculpts



General head notes: All Rainy Doll heads attach to the body with O-rings instead of S-hooks. Some of the earliest Ryung heads lacked a notch for the O-ring to sit in, allowing the head to work loose and fall off. This was corrected in subsequent releases.

Headcap shapes vary throughout the run of Rainy heads. The attachment method depends on the age and gender of the sculpt. The first Rainy girls had a short loop of elastic tied around the neck O-ring, which looped onto a resin hook attached inside the head. Even after this method changed, you can still see the attachment spot for the hook inside some heads. Male heads always have a hook-and-magnet attachment. Female heads released in 2008 and thereafter have a hook-and-magnet attachment.

Newer heads tend to be smaller than older heads. In the males, Wu, Red and K are larger than Aden and Won. In the females, Ryung, Soah, Sooah, RuRu, June, Vivien and Yuri have larger heads than the newer girls.