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(Mold specific measurements)
(Mold specific measurements)
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==Mold specific measurements==
==Mold specific measurements==
'''Girl version:'''
'''Female version:'''
* Circumference of head: 7.5cm
* Circumference of head: 7.5cm
* Eye size: 6-8mm
* Eye size: 6-8mm

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The Catsy1 is a 14cm tiny doll sculpted by Rainman, released by Elfdoll. Catsy1 is offered with both male and female bodies. They are also offered in a couple set.

The newer Catsy1, Catsy2, and Catsy3 have no joint in their torso, a change from the Original Catsy that had a jointed torso. Newer Catsys also use a magnet system to change the hands and feet while the Original Catsy used a tie on method.

Catsy 1 comes with 8mm eyes and shoe parts (black shoes for the boy, black healed shoes for the girl). A Reminisce head is available as an option.

Catsy1 is only offered in paper white color.

Mold specific measurements

Female version:

  • Circumference of head: 7.5cm
  • Eye size: 6-8mm
  • Tall: 14cm
  • Width of shoulders: 2.5cm
  • Circumference of chest: 5.6cm
  • Circumference of neck: 1.3cm
  • Circumference of waist: 3.7cm
  • Length of leg (from hips to ankle): 6.2cm
  • Length of foot: 1.7cm


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