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Elfdoll , a subsidiary of the Korean company Artmaze, was founded in 2003 by the sculptor Rainman and his friend/partner DK Kim. According to the company autobiography, Rainman was a professional figurine sculptor who began sculpting tiny BJD dolls as a hobby. His friend DK convinced him to go into partnership to sell BJDs. Rainman soon created the 1:3 scale Rainy Dolls, the first of which were Ryung and Soah, in 2005.

Elfdoll was one of the pioneers of Asian-based BJD companies selling through US dealerships. Their first US dealer was the now-defunct Shop 4 Dolls & Bears, soon followed by others in 2005-2006. The ease of buying through a domestic dealer contributed greatly to the company's success. The popular Rainy and Tiny lines were soon joined by the Hanas, Doonas, and Lovelies, collaborations with Soom, Charles Creature Cabinet and Oasisdoll, and a series of dealer exclusives. Elfdoll entered into partnership with a US broker, Ms. Cholong, who dealt with the US dealers, organized company promotions, and operated a showroom in Glendale, California from 2007-2009.

Elfdoll ended its relationship with the dealers in 2009, selling only through its own website. In 2013 the company went on hiatus, while Rainman focused on his own successful line of action figure heads. In late 2017 Elfdoll reopened, but in early 2018 DK and Rainman decided to go their separate ways. Elfdoll under DK, planned to remain open and offer Rainman's last BJD sculpt, Lovely Rachel, as well as some of his older sculpts.

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