Elfdoll Tiny Doll Original Catsy

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The Original Catsy is a female 14cm tiny doll sculpted by Rainman, released by Elfdoll. She was released twice.

The Original Catsy differs from the newer releases as she has a jointed torso. The newer Catsy1, Catsy2, and Catsy3 have no joint in their torso.

Catsy came with an outfit, 8mm eyes, and painted boot legs parts.

She was only offered in paper white color.

Mold specific measurements

  • Circumference of head: 7.5cm
  • Eye size: 6-8mm
  • Tall: 14cm
  • Width of shoulders: 2.5cm
  • Circumference of chest: 5.6cm
  • Circumference of neck: 1.3cm
  • Circumference of waist: 3.7cm
  • Length of leg (from hips to ankle): 6.2cm
  • Length of foot: 1.7cm


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