Fairyland Elf & Vampire Shiwoo

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Elf and Vampire Shiwoo are headsculpts by Luts. Elf and Vampire Shiwoo were a limited release in 2007, towards the end of when Luts carried the Minifee line.
The heads were released together as one doll, with the Elf Shiwoo head being the open eyed head, and the Vampire Shiwoo head being the sleeping head. The Elf Shiwoo head does not have fangs, but the Vampire Shiwoo head has both fangs and elf ears.
Elf and Vampire Shiwoo are only obtainable through second-hand purchase.


Head Circumference: Unknown

Wig size: 6-7 or 7-8

Eye sizes: 12mm - 16mm


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