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June 2019

  • 23 astromecha Minifee Iru TS FS PIF

July 2019

  • 1 Souly FL Vampire Klaus Full Package NS DDE LW

August 2019

  • 28 Zavrinas MNF Rin TS, PKF Jude NS + event head NSDDE LW Nov21 Nov26

September 2019

  • 3 Solsikke FL PKF Ante w/ sleeping faceplate TS PIF OCT17 OCT25
  • 29 whitewings LTF Cygne Fullset BW+sleeping FP/Faceup+Gift Vampire FP DDE PIF

October 2019

  • 8 Nikki'sNewObsession NS F60 Ria DDE PIF Feb 14Feb 19
  • 31 vampirealien5473 MNF Seorin NS wf, MNF Celine NS wf, LTF Cygne Fullset NS+sleeping FP wf + event head DDE PIF MAR 23 MAR 26

November 2019

  • 17 BaroquePopPrincess LTF PongPong 2 Basic WF NS DDE PIF FEB22

December 2019

January 2020

  • 4 Osquary FL A La Carte PKF Icis w/ sleeping faceplate NS MAR4 MAR 23
  • 7 cat199425 FL mnf Erda w/ sleeping faceplate NS wf PIF
  • 9 dancingkitsune MNF bodies (x2) NS + PKF WS + MNF NS Event head "PIF" MAR25 APR2
  • 10 rougeaerie FL MNF Carol FS BW WF + MNF Event Head BW PIF
  • 19 dancingkitsune MNF body NS + PKF NS + MNF NS Event Head PIF MAY28 JUN4
  • 28 Rowan Alderwood A la Carte MNF Karsh NS, Ala Carte MNF Eliya DDE PIF

February 2020

  • 4 sammu FL MNF Lucywen NS, SP head, MNF hands no. 2 DDE PIF
  • 10 Monorac FL Erda FS w/ sleeping faceplate NS WF DDE PIF
  • 13 Synchytrium a la carte MNF Eva NS MAY 18 MAY 23

March 2020

  • 1 leishaj777 FL MNF Erda FS WF NS DDE PIF
  • 7 Ethlynn FL MNF Chloe ALine NS DDE PIF
  • 13 yourlegsgrow FL MNF Celine ALine TS, Heeled Feet TS, No.6 Hands TS DDE PIF JUL 14 JUL 18
  • 24 ShadowedForce FL MNF Carol ALine TS, Extra Hands TS, Extra Hands NS DDE LW JUL 14 JUL 17
  • 24 miffimifster FL FP60 Lucywen Magnolia Fox Full Package NS, 1 pr FP60 Moe flat feet (DDE in stock) MAR 24 MAR 31

April 2020

  • 10 Trillian FL PKF Vanilla TS WF DDE PIF
  • 30 aireoko FL Celine NS WF & 5 hand parts DDE 20% down Aug 21 Aug 25

May 2020

  • 1 Nikki'sNewObsession FL TS Littlefee Cygne w. SP DDE LW July 27 Aug 1
  • 7 KimC FL ns MNF Dark Elf Soo ALine DDE LW July 22 July 25
  • 14 Unseenstars233 FL NS MNF Lucywen ALine DDE PIF August 7
  • 26 Rebelia FL NS MNF Mirwen ALine DDE PIF" August 17

June 2020

July 2020

  • 3 TurtleJen MNF Jiyu w/SP Motion Line ns, PKF Event Head ns DDE LW OCT2 OCT7
  • 4 PaeoniaDrop MNF Sylvia Full Package w/SP NS, "Fairyland PIF"
  • 6 Glitt3rGalaxy MNF Sylvia w/sleeping head active line ns, PKF Event Head ns DDE PIF Sept 25
  • 8 Glitt3rGalaxy F65 Ingrid Designer FS w/sleeping head Blank ns MNF event head ns, Fairyland PIF
  • 9 Cyranstar F65 Ingrid NS Designer FS, F65 Event Head NS DDE LW Oct 2
  • 10 ShinigamiDuoLover MNF Erda BW Dragon, MNF Hands #1 BW, MNF Event Head BW Fairyland PIF OCT7 OCT10
  • 11 rishimsin MNF Sylvia Full Package w/SP bw, MNF Event Head ns PIF
  • 15 Osquary PKF Vanilla +SP TS, PKF Jude +SP TS, PKF hands TS, PKF wig, PKF shoes, MNF rollerskates BW, MNF event head NS Fairyland GO
  • 15 Osquary PKF Ena BW full package (Dryad-White), PKF Ena BW basic MNF rollerskates Mint, MNF event head NS Fairyland GO
  • 16 PaeoniaDrop MNF Sylvia Full Package w/SP NS, "Fairyland PIF GO"
  • 17 ihnasarima MNF El active girl hands heels in tan, pukifee hands in ns and tan, MNF event head ns DDE PIF
  • 20 Puniko MNF Carol blank A-Line tan, PKF Event Head ns PIF
  • 30 Ryuichi Sakuma 13 MNF A-Line NS regular boy body, LTF skates-white, NS LTF hands X2, NS MNF hands X3, MNF shoes-clear, Summer 2020 Event head BW DDE LW
  • 30 Glitt3rGalaxy' MNF Boy Motion line + #12hands ns, Fairyland PIF

August 2020

  • 2 Glitt3rGalaxy F60 Erda Basic Blank +Sleeping head, #4hands ns, MNF Event Head ns DDE LW
  • 3 Karra MNF Sircca TS M-Line, MNF Heel Feet TS, MNF #4 Hands TS, F60 Rollerskates Mint, F60 R02 Heels BW, F60 #13 Hands NS, MNF Event Head NS DDE LW
  • 4 SolInvictus F65 Ingrid Designer Complete ns, F65 Event Head ns PIF
  • 7 IngieBee F65 Ingrid w/SP ns, MNF Event Head ns DDE LW
  • 8 Helenb92 F65 Ingrid FS AF w/SP ns, F65 Event Head ns PIF
  • 8 Helenb92 Minifee Sylvia FS w/SP ws, MNF Event Head ws PIF
  • 9 Koma Minifee Carol Motion line boy w/SP ts,MNF #6 Hands TS, MNF Event Head ns DDE LW
  • 13 yourlegsgrow MNF Sircca NS A-Line DDE LW
  • 20 Tengu Minifee Jiyu Vampire Elf NS blank on motionline, Sleeping Head NS blank DDE PIF

September 2020

  • 8 QAJenova PKF Ante TS DDE PIF

October 2020

  • 1 Syko MNF Luha Full Package w/SP ns, MNF Halloween Event Head DDE LW
  • 1 Eleniel LTF Hwayu Designer complete ns, all parts, all painted DDE LW
  • 3 paintmeblue MNF Luha FS (bw) w/ sleeping head + Halloween event head + #6 hands bw DDE LW
  • 4 Tonboko LTF Hwayu Full Package (bw) wf x 2 & premium eyes DDE
  • 4 BlueDragonfly LTF Cygne Little Witch FS NS WF+Sleeping FP WF Dolk OCT 23 OCT 28
  • 12 Tippetarius MNF Luha full set NS, Event head WF, and an extra Active Line girl body DDE
  • 20 Nikki'sNewObsession F60 Mirwen w. long legs NS & F60 R02 Shoes bw DDE