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The FeePle60 line of dolls is Fairyland's line of 60 cm dolls. Sculpted by Cerberus Project, FeePle 60 were announced for sale at Fairyland's site in on July 11, 2012. All full dolls come with the options of a sleeping head and face up for each head. Eyewells are completely filled in on sleeping heads. The original head sculpts released included heads that were available as Delf heads through Luts, as well as 60cm versions of heads that Cerberus Project has previously released as MiniFee or FeePle65. Heads that were previously offered in dreaming versions from Luts (El and Lishe) have only been available as open-eyed and sleeping from Fairyland. All original heads were compatible with male or female bodies.

Effective November 4, 2013, Fairyland discontinued the FeePle60 line, stating reorganization was in the works and insisting that the discontinuation was only temporary. While the FeePle60 line eventually reopened sales with the release of the FeePle60 Moe line body in 2014, the original Feeple60 bodies and much of the original sculpts did not return for sale.

In late June 2015, male FeePle60s were up for sale again, but were taken down from the site just two days later. This sale event is thought to have been accidental on the part of Fairyland. Fairyland still carried through with the orders that were placed in the two day period.

Fairyland has no plans to release the old FeePle60 male bodies, stating the original bodies were prototypes; but through correspondence from 2017, Fairyland expressed interest in releasing FeePle60 boy with a Moe line boy body. In correspondence from early 2018, Fairyland confirmed they were working on a new FeePle60 boy.

See also: FairyLine60



Limited/Full Package

  • Lacrima (Lacrima: Tears of Raven LE 78 sets)
  • Aqua Steam Age - Celine
  • Aqua Steam Age - Rin
  • Mandrak Moors Dolls - Sionna Fomhar
  • Mandrak Moors Dolls - Lunnula Moonbeams
  • Cygne - An Ode to the Swan LE 99 sets
  • Carol - The Butterfly Fairy LE 100 sets



Body Types

The original FeePle60 bodies were essentially upgraded versions of the Luts Delf bodies. Male delf bodies can still be purchased through Luts. All bodies have a joint under the bust/pectorals, and a joint between the stomach and hips. Knees and elbows are double-jointed. Magnets are embedded in the upper back on all bodies. Hands attach with magnets at the wrist.

If elastics need to be replaced, 3.50mm elastic is recommended.

Male Bodies (discontinued)

The male bodies came in two types: normal, and muscular. There was also a limited edition "fine" muscular body, with optional scars. The males had four sets of optional hands (not interchangeable between genders without changing the wrist balls as well).

Active Line Female Body (discontinued)

  • Large bust
  • Medium bust
  • Seven sets of optional hands (not interchangeable between genders without changing the wrist balls as well)

Moe Line Female Body

Fairyland released the Moe Line (a.k.a. FM60) on July 23, 2014, alongside the 2014 Summer Juri Event. During the sales period, 300 Moe Line products were available. The original optional hand sets are still available for the Moe Line.


Body Type Muscular Male Normal Male Large Bust Female Medium Bust Female Moe Line Female
Height (cm) 60.0 <- 55.0 <- 54.0
Weight (g) 1290 1280 1050 1040 1080
Head Circumference (cm) 23.0 <- 23.0 <- <-
Neck Circumference (cm) 9.0 <- 8.0 <- 8.4
Shoulder Width (cm) 13.0 <- 11.0 <- <-
Shoulder to Wrist (cm) 19.0 <- 17.0 <- 16.5
Elbow to Wrist (cm) 8.5 <- 8.5 <- 7.5
Length of Back (cm) 14.0 <- 12.0 <- <-
Chest Circumference (cm) 24.0 23.5 23.0 22.0 23.0
Waist Circumference (cm) 20.0 <- 16.6 <- 17.3
Hip Circumference (cm) 25.5 <- 25.0 <- 26.5
Hip to Knee (cm) 18.0 <- 16.0 <- <-
Knee to Ankle (cm) 17.0 <- 14.0 <- <-
Ankle Circumference (cm) 7.5 <- 6.7 <- 7.8
Feet Length (cm) 7.0 <- 6.0 <- 6.5
"Feet Size (high-heel) (cm)" N/A N/A N/A N/A 6.0


When hybriding with bodies from other dollmakers, it is recommended to use the Shapeways neck connector made specifically for Luts/Fairyland dolls. Users have reported that some heads are a tighter fit than others.

With other Fairyland bodies

  • F70 heads do fit on the F60 body, and vice versa.
  • The F60 male and female legs are interchangeable, though Fairyland does not sell this combination. This change makes the female body taller and the male body shorter, but impacts posing.

With Delf bodies

  • F60 heads fit on Luts Delf bodies with the "Type Two" key-style neckpiece.

With Supiadoll

  • Resin match: NS, excellent (as of 2018)
  • Supiadoll 60cm female double jointed body.
  • Clothes that fit on the F60 are likely to fit on the Supiadoll body, with some descrepency between leg length. Clothes made specifically for the F60 body, however, might not fit.

=With IMPLdoll

  • Resin match: IMPLdoll offers custom resin matching services. Otherwise, IMPLdoll pink skin is lighter and pinker match Fairyland's normal skin (as of 2018).
  • IMPLdoll IMP Model female body is an excellent size match Neck with Shapways neck connector will not allow for looking up or down. Normal Pink is too pink.

With April Story (4S)

  • Resin match: April Story white skin & Fairyland beauty white (as of 2018)
  • AS 16 girl body

With Soom

  • Resin match: Soom NS is a good match to Fairyland's NS (as of 2018)
  • Soom female Supergem body

With AkagiDoll

  • Resin match: AkagiDoll NS is a very close match to Fairyland's NS (as of 2018)

Informational Pictures

Body Reference, Proportion and Posing

Head Swap Pictures

Comparison Pictures

Clothes, Shoes, Accessories

The FeePle60 bodies are close in size to the Delf bodies, which have been a standard size for a long time. Most clothes advertised for SD or SD13 are likely to fit the FeePle60 body.

Male Clothes

  • Clothes: Dollheart SD13
  • Shoes: Iplehouse YID & nYID boy,

Female Active Line Clothes

  • Clothes: Volks (esp. SD13 & DD interchangeable outfits)
  • Shoes: Luts, Leekeworld SD13, most SD13 shoes

Female Moe Line Clothes

  • Clothes: TTYA, Volks, Dollheart, rRabit, Cyristine Creations, Feeiredoll, Cheerydoll
  • Shoes: Aim to buy shoes with as close to 3cm inner width as possible. Leekeworld heels, Luts heels, Dollheart, Dollmore basic SD heels, Soom Super Gem low heels, Iplehouse old YID heels