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Littlefee Flora is a LittleFee doll by Fairyland. She is currently offered only as girl. Littlefee Flora currently comes in 2 skin tones, Natural and Beautiful White. There are currently 2 Flora sets.

LittleFee Flora Full Package (Strawberry Vanilla) LittleFee Flora Fullset (Strawberry Vanilla) includes:

  • LittleFee Flora [Default face + Girl body(#1 hands)*]
  • 14mm acrylic eyes (random color)
  • Sleeping Face
  • Optional hands (#4 hands)
  • Default Face Makeup
  • Wig (random^)
  • Outfits (Strawberry Vanilla)
  • Shoes
  • Plate, Box

LittleFee Flora Basic

  • LittleFee Flora Basic set includes:
  • LittleFee Flora [Default face + Girl body(#1 hands)]
  • 14mm acrylic eyes (random color)
  • Box


  • Default Face Makeup
  • Sleeping Face
  • Sleeping Face Makeup



Ante and Flora

Flora Basic Faceup